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The painstaking police work that caught sexual predator on Nottingham streets

A lead detective has spoken of the painstaking work involved in a chilling case which led to police stopping a dangerous predator in his tracks before he could commit even more serious sexual offences.

  • Stanislaw Filipiak, 39, imprisoned for using his job as a delivery driver to stalk young women, film them secretly, and steal personal information.
  • Police discover a ‘rape kit’ and evidence of Filipiak’s escalating obsession with a Nottingham woman, including entering her home while she was away.
  • Extensive investigation reveals Filipiak’s attempts to break into women’s homes, his fixation on his victims, and possession of a weapon.
  • Detective work involves meticulous matching of video evidence to locations and victim identification, aided by technology and police teamwork.
  • Filipiak pleads guilty to multiple charges and receives a nine-year extended sentence, highlighting police efforts during National Stalking Awareness Week.

39-year-old Stanislaw Filipiak was locked up after using the cover of his job as a fast-food delivery driver to prey on young women, finding out where they lived before covertly recording videos and photos of them, including in very intimate situations, while they were in their homes.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how Filipiak’s disturbing behaviour had escalated over months.

On one occasion, after becoming fixated with a woman in The Park area of Nottingham, his hands were seen coming through her ground-floor bathroom window while she was showering.

It was subsequently discovered Filipiak had previously been inside her home, at least twice, while she was away on holiday.

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He had rifled through her underwear drawer and taken images of her expired passport, Facebook account log-in details, and other sensitive password information which was held on an iPad.

Further inquiries led to police later finding what was described as a potential ‘rape kit’ in a bag at his home. Items inside included rope, duct tape, a blindfold, condoms, and metal ankle chains.

It was also revealed he had Googled the victim’s name more than 45 times having developed a fascination with her.

Detective Constable Ben Grayson, of Nottinghamshire Police, led an extensive and complex investigation which was initially launched after it was reported Filipiak had been spotted creeping around outside addresses of young women in the Lenton area where he tried door handles and looked through their windows.

Filipiak was caught on doorbell camera footage loitering outside addresses and when he tried the door handle of one of them at 4.30am on 30 December 2022.

DC Grayson said:

“That’s how he initially came to our attention. The victims described Filipiak in as much detail as possible. We had the doorbell camera footage, we were able to obtain a partial vehicle registration number for his moped, and were able to link him to the offences by comparing his clothing.

“He was stopped and arrested in Nottingham city centre on 24 February 2023 on suspicion of a couple of attempted burglaries. He was also arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon after a thick rubber cosh was found in his bag.

“When we interviewed him, he told us he was glad we had caught him and that he had done what he did to give himself a thrill.”

Filipiak was charged with stalking and possession of an offensive weapon.

But things took a more sinister turn when police seized and then analysed two of Filipiak’s mobile phones.

It was discovered he had secretly filmed videos of young women, and photographed them while they were in their bathrooms and bedrooms.

Pictures and recordings were taken through windows and gaps in their blinds, including while victims were in various stages of undress. Seven victims of voyeurism were identified.

DC Grayson added:

“It was shocking that he had wandered around busy residential streets, targeted young women, looked through their windows and took photos and videos of them without their knowledge.

“Images and videos were taken while they were in states of undress.”

Analysis of his phone also showed Filipiak had conducted disturbing internet searches, including about 24-hour key cutting in Nottingham, the reach of city centre CCTV cameras, and other searches which showed his interest in offences of a sexual nature as well as violent pornographic-related material.

Having uncovered the images and videos on his digital devices, the investigation team rose to the challenge of identifying all the victims.

DC Grayson said:

“The videos and images we found were time and date stamped so we knew when they were taken. We cross-referenced that with location data we were able to find which gave us a general idea of where Filipiak was on certain dates and at certain times. That told us he was in these locations and was responsible for obtaining that media.

“It also gave me an idea of where the victims may be. However, we only had images and videos of women taken through gaps in their blinds or curtains and glimpses of window frames in some cases.

“It was then a case of cold calling, looking at streets and trying to match up details which might lead us to finding the victims. This work included looking at the blinds shown in his photos and videos, whether they were wooden or metal, horizontal or vertical, and looking for any other clues which might help identify the targeted addresses.

“In one instance I was able to identify a property from a wheelie bin where the paint had dripped on one of the numbers. That could be seen in one of the videos.

“In another case, I saw something in a reflection from a window in one of the videos. I could see a distinctive house on the other side of the street which gave me an idea of where that victim may live. There were also some things you could see inside the properties he filmed which helped us match details.

“My colleague DC Beth Foster was instrumental in reviewing Filipiak’s phones and identifying location data. We interrogated all recovered items to the very best of our ability to make sure we could identify the victims.

“DC Raj Johal helped me in delivering the news of what we had found to the victims as sensitively as possible and without judgement. They were all very shocked, scared, and upset. I think they felt embarrassed and violated by Filipiak’s shocking invasion of their privacy.

Screenshot 2023 11 03 at 09.48.21

“By analysing his phone, we were able to establish he had previously delivered food to two of his voyeurism victims. It was the perfect cover for him. He was almost hiding in plain sight, no-one would have thought twice.

“From data on his phone we also knew he had been inside one of his victim’s homes twice while she was away, before he went on to later open her bathroom window.

“What if she had been at home when he entered? What would have happened if she had been there? Or if Filipiak had managed to get inside the homes of the young women after trying their door handles?

“What might he do next? That was my concern. As the judge said, there was an escalation in his case so I’m thankful we were able to stop him.

“It was alarming to find a potential rape kit and a cosh in his possession and we were pleased we made the arrest so quickly.”

DC Grayson also paid tribute to the victims for their support during the detailed investigation.

Screenshot 2023 11 03 at 09.48.29

He added:

“I built up a good rapport with them and kept in touch and visited them as much as I could to keep them updated. They were all really helpful and cooperative. The statements they provided were really articulate and well written as well as being really impactful.

“I also had a good relationship with the Crown Prosecution Service lawyer in this case, just to make sure we had everything on track. Their guidance and support helped us to build the case against Filipiak, to secure this result, and ensure he now faces the full consequences of his actions.”

Filipiak, formerly of Victoria Road, Netherfield, pleaded guilty to one count of trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence, namely voyeurism, seven counts of voyeurism, two counts of stalking, and possession of an offensive weapon.

He was given an extended nine-year sentence when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on 27 October 2023. This includes a six-year prison sentence and a three-year extended licence period.

He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely and made subject of a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and restraining order.

Earlier this year, Nottinghamshire Police took an active role in National Stalking Awareness Week – a UK-wide initiative to raise awareness of the various issues related to stalking and the changes to the way offences are now being investigated.

If you are a victim of stalking or believe that you might be, please contact the force:

If you feel in immediate danger at any time, always call 999.

If you are frightened, but not in immediate danger contact us on 101 or report it online.

For Further information please refer to:

The Stalking Advisory Service

The National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.

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