Third birthday proves bittersweet for West Bridgford business

Riverfall Financial, one of the original occupants of the Rushcliffe Technology and Enterprise Centre (RTEC), have just celebrated their third year of trading as Financial Advisers and Planners after a strong year of growth…but may have to leave West Bridgford.

Riverfall Director Simon Phippen said,

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“Ken Clarke’s speech at the opening highlighted how Rushcliffe should be doing more to promote business development, so it’s a little disappointing that 3 years later the Council building has been sold to a developer, who I understand now has planning consent to convert the whole building into residential apartments. We have started to make contingency plans should we be forced to move, however wherever we go it will not certainly have the same view.” laments Phippen.

“The value of residential development continues to rise in West Bridgford meaning that it is difficult for business space to compete so, although we would love to stay in the West Bridgford area, we might be forced to look further af

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ield to get the right property for our expansion”.

With an ever-increasing client list, business has been excellent this past year, and Riverfall are now taking on another financial adviser next month. They have recently updated both their branding and invested in a new website in preparation for this new chapter in their development.

Riverfall also need space to expand, which happens to coincide with the recent announcement of the potential redevelopment of the RTEC business centre. Opened by Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke in July 2014, the business centre is housed on the 3rd and 4th floors of what was, until December last year, the offices of Rushcliffe Council.

Standing in Riverfall’s fourth floor offices, it is easy to see the attraction of the location. Riverfall look directly onto the Trent as it flows under Trent Bridge with a constantly changing picture as rowers, swans and pleasure boats take turns to pass in front of the window. In the distance, the whole of Nottingham City centre is laid out on the horizon.

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“The irony is that the Riverfall name was not inspired by the Trent being outside our window” explains Riverfall director Simon Phippen. “We actually thought of it before we found this location. Its meaning is based on the journey of a river from its source to the sea which is often used as a metaphor for life’s journey. The long-term relationship a client develops with their financial adviser can also be seen as a shared journey through life. “I’m very proud that we have created a brand for ourselves that has real meaning which underpins what we have created and is not just a vacuous label” says Phippen.