Sunday 25 February 2024
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Pictures: Thousands of Nottingham Forest fans queue for the trains to Wembley

Nottingham Station is very busy this morning as fans of The Reds get ready for the Championship Playoff Final at Wembley.

The line of supporters stretches all along Queen’s Road and over the London Road bridge – fans have been queueing since the early morning waiting for East Midlands Railways services to take them to London and on to Wembley Stadium.

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Fans are being ushered through the side entrance on Queen’s Road, the Carrington Street main entrance has almost no-one there at 8:45 am.

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Nottinghamshire Police are also present protecting queueing supporters from traffic travelling toward the city on Queen’s Road, and partially blocking London Road bridge northbound as fans on the pavement inevitably spill onto the road.

East Midlands Railways said at 9:06 am

‘If you are due to travel from Nottingham, we suggest that you travel to Derby, Chesterfield or East Midlands Parkway instead if you can. Your ticket will be valid. There is a queuing system in place at Nottingham which you can join on London Road Bridge. Expect delays.’

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East Midlands Railways tweeted that some supporters may have been ‘left behind at Beeston.’

Neil Grabham, Customer Services Director, said: “We want everyone travelling this weekend to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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“However, it is clear some of our services – particularly in the morning and immediately after the matches – will be very busy. We will be doing everything we can to help those travelling, including providing extra staff at key stations and strengthening services with additional carriages where possible.

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“We ask our customers to also take sensible steps to help their journey by planning ahead, leaving extra time and considering slightly different routes for getting to and from London.”

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