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Tier 3 Nottinghamshire Coronavirus briefing – Leader’s statement and questions on the new measures

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A press briefing was held online today where the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Cllr Kay Cutts MBE and Jonathan Gribbin Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire briefed the media and answered questions.

Asked abut the new Tier 3 restrictions the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Cllr Kay Cutts MBE said that it was a ‘difficult decision to move to Tier 3 restrictions’ and the reason for this move is because  ‘more of the disease is in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham than most of the country’

Cllr Cutts added that she is ‘appealing to the business and communities of Nottinghamshire and Nottingham’ to ‘not break the rules’ and that ‘if we don’t do this now we could see more stringent measures for longer, and we could get closer to Christmas and still have measures in place.’

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She said: ‘I’m appealing to businesses and the community to play your part to keep Nottingham and Nottinghamshire open and to look forward to a normal Christmas.

Public Health Director for Nottinghamshire Jonathan Gribbin said that the latest data shows that there is a ‘very steep’ rise in cases in the over 60s age group and this is a ’cause of grave concern’

He said that those people are ‘most vulnerable to serious complications’ which would lead to  ‘severe pressures on the NHS and social care system.’

A question asked was – Is the 28-day period hard and fast?

Cllr Cutts replied that the restrictions on Tier 3 will be reviewed at 14 days, 21 days and finally at 28 days when it is hoped that an exit from the restrictions may be possible.

Jonathan Gribbin added that ‘What we see in hospitals today reflects activities two or three weeks ago – we hope to be in a  better place in four weeks up to Christmas.’

A question was asked –

What made a dramatic difference to whole Nottinghamshire inclusion? ( referring to Nottingham, Gedling, Rushcliffe and Broxtowe being included – which became the entire county a day later )

Cllr Cutts explained that this was because there had been a ‘dramatic increase in the disease’s spread across those North Notts regions ( Ashfield and Mansfield ) perhaps because ‘older populations may have been affected who may have breathing difficulties.’

A question was asked about financial support from the Government?

Cllr Cutts said: ‘Financially, broadly what everyone else -other areas –  is getting – we’ve accepted that.’

The package of restrictions for Nottinghamshire was drawn up from SAGE evidence.

• Nottinghamshire hospitals Covid admissions are equivalent of one ward each day, say Public Health bosses