Tollerton Parish Council calls public meeting over greenbelt housing plans

Tollerton Parish Council has called an extra-ordinary meeting to consider possible changes to the green belt that would bring significant new housing development to the village.

Councillors took the unusual step following the publication of consultation options for three new housing sites in the village of Tollerton.

The rural village of Tollerton currently has just over 800 homes and is already expected to provide 4,000 new homes on former green belt land.

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The options for three new sites within the village are in addition to the 4,000 and have been identified as:

East of Tollerton Lane – up to 50 homes
West of Tollerton Lane and North of Medina Drive – up to 360 homes
Behind Burnside Grove – up to 180 homes
Councillors will consider their response to the consultation at the extra-ordinary meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 22 March in the Parish Rooms. Tollerton residents have been sharing their views online and will also have the opportunity to share their views at the meeting before the Council agrees its comments.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from Tollerton Residents on Social Media and have called this meeting to hear from them first hand before submitting our response.

We’re also asking residents to complete our neighbourhood plan survey so that we can create a plan to meet the needs of the community”

Tollerton Parish Council

A Plan for Tollerton

The parish council has also launched a more detailed consultation to find out how residents think that the parish should develop. Last year residents told the parish council that they would like to have a stronger voice in local planning matters and so the parish council started the formal process to develop a neighbourhood plan. Information on the neighbourhood plan and consultation has been published on the parish council website here


The Parish Council said,

‘We are developing a neighbourhood plan for Tollerton up to 2030 and need a strong local evidence base to support this.
The views of local residents, businesses and other local organisations are key to this.
We are seeking your views from March to the end of May and the results of this survey will help determine the overall direction of our plan, so it is very important that you, your family and your neighbours take this opportunity to make your views known.
There are 30 questions so please spare ten minutes to complete here is the Tollerton Neighbourhood Plan Survey 

We are developing a neighbourhood plan for Tollerton up to 2030 and need a strong local evidence base to support this.

Residents have suggested some ideas that may be of interest to other residents responding to our neighbourhood plan survey, they include:

  • A country park around Tollerton and protection of existing nature corridors
  • New cycle routes to the Grantham Canal and beyond
  • Protection of views of open countryside that form part of the character of the village and also views through the village

Local Plan Consultation 2017

Rushcliffe Borough Council is consulting on its local plan and residents are encouraged to respond online here on the following consultations by 31 March
Local plan part 2 – which includes three possible sites in Tolleton
Green Belt review – which includes 4 areas of green belt in Tollerton
Community Infrastructure Levy