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Tour of Britain: Race timings, road closures and map of the Nottinghamshire route

Stage 4 of the prestigious Tour of Britain returns to Nottinghamshire on Wednesday 6 September 2023.

Newark and Sherwood District will be hosting both the start and finish of stage 4 of the world-famous Tour of Britain cycle race.

The race last came through Nottinghamshire in 2022 going from West Bridgford through to Mansfield.

This year Sherwood Forest will provide a stunning backdrop to the Tour of Britain cycle race when it returns to the county on Wednesday 6 September.

Stage four of the showpiece event will start at Forest Corner in Edwinstowe – a short distance away from the iconic Major Oak and RSPB Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre – before finishing in Newark-on-Trent on Wednesday 6 September.

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For the safety of drivers, spectators and riders alike, temporary traffic restrictions will be introduced along the route.

The start of the race is being held at Forest Corner in Edwinstowe. Traffic will be able to access the car parks up until 10:45 when Swinecote Road will be closed for the start of the race.

The road and car parks will remain closed until 12 noon, this is to make sure that all support vehicles can clear the area safely. Any spectators using these car parks will not be able to leave by car until after 12:00 noon.

There will be spectator activities taking place after the start of the race to keep everyone entertained until the car parks re-open.

As the race progresses through the district there will be a rolling roadblock in operation to keep disruption to a minimum.

Spectators are of course welcome along the route, but they are asked to park with care and consideration, away from the main thoroughfare. As the race passes through some environmentally sensitive areas, parking on verges and in lay-bys especially on Swinecote Road will be prevented.

Southwell will have road closures and restrictions set up during the day, these will be clearly signposted in advance. Otherwise, there will be a rolling roadblock travelling through the district as the race progresses.

In Newark, where the stage will end, the following roads will be closed during the day:

  • The B6166, Victoria Street and Portland Street,
  • Boundary Road, from the B6166 through to the Hawton Road roundabout, except for access up to 11:00am,
  • A section of Hawton Road from the Boundary Road roundabout to St Catherine’s Close will be closed from 11am to 5pm,
  • Part of Lombard Street will be closed from 13:30 through to 16:00.

Parking restrictions will be in place in Newark and Southwell from 6pm on Tuesday 5 September, so residents along the route have been asked to find alternative parking for their vehicles from 6pm, Tuesday evening in line with the Temporary Traffic Order. Whilst we will make every effort to remind residents and help them to comply with the order, any vehicles still in breach of these temporary restrictions are at risk of removal and a potential fine through a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The team from Via will be carrying out gulley cleaning whilst the roads are clear of parked vehicles.

“Welcoming the Tour of Britain to Newark and Sherwood is a great honour and will help to highlight our wonderful District to a wider audience,” states Councillor Paul Peacock, Leader of Newark and Sherwood District Council, “We hope residents will get behind the tour and come out to see the international cycling superstars who will be taking part. We really appreciate the help of our residents in making sure that the event is safe and spectacular, we understand that there will be some inconvenience, but we’re sure that the benefits to our communities along the route far outweigh those.”

Stage 4 of the Tour of Britain will start on Wednesday 6 September at Forest Corner in Edwinstowe and end at Sconce and Devon Park in Newark.

The modern-day Tour of Britain was launched in 2004 and – apart from the Covid-19 pandemic forcing its cancellation in 2020 – has taken place annually every September over eight days.

It is British cycling’s premier road event and will feature the world’s top teams and riders, alongside the best British-based cyclists, with a field expected to be made up of Tour de France winners, Olympians, and world champions.

Live coverage of the race is shown daily in the UK on ITV4, in addition to around the world.

The Tour of Britain is part of the UCI ProSeries, making it one of the most prestigious sporting events in the sport’s global calendar.

2023 race timings





A616 WORKSOP ROAD11:2511:2511:25
0.9165.7Keep LeftA616 Worksop Road11:2611:2611:26
1.4165.2M R/about2nd ExitB603411:2711:2711:26
1.4165.2M R/about1st ExitB6034 Ollerton Road11:2711:2711:26
3.7162.9X.RoadsRightLime Tree Avenue11:3011:3011:29
4.8161.8Caution!Narrow Entrance11:3211:3111:31
6.7159.9X.RoadsLeftClumber Lane11:3511:3411:33
8.2158.4Caution!Severe Speed Cushion!11:3711:3611:35
8.3158.3Caution!Narrow Entrance11:3811:3611:35
9.3157.3T.JunctionRightB6034 Ollerton Road11:3911:3811:36
10.2156.4JunctionLeftSparken Hill11:4111:3911:38
12.1154.5Caution!Sharp Right Bend11:4411:4211:40
12.4154.2M R/about2nd ExitB6040 Potter Street11:4411:4211:40
13.3153.3T.LightsLeftB604 High Hoe Road11:4511:4411:42
14.0152.6M R/about2nd ExitB6041 Hilton Hill11:4711:4511:43
14.1152.5KoM 1 Cat 3Start11:4711:4511:43
14.9151.7KOM 1 CAT 3


FINISHKILTON HILL11:4811:4611:44
14.9151.7Green Zone for 200m11:4811:4611:44
15.3151.3T.LightsRightB6045 Blyth Road11:4911:4611:44
17.7148.9JunctionLeftHundred Acre Lane11:5211:5011:47
19.7146.9SignCarlton in Lindrick11:5511:5311:50
20.5146.1Keep LeftCaution! Narrow11:5711:5411:51
20.5146.1T.JunctionRightA60 High Road11:5711:5411:51
21.9144.7T.LightsStraightA60 Doncaster Road11:5911:5611:53
24.5142.1T.LightsRightA634 Blyth Road12:0312:0011:56
25.0141.6JunctionLeftB6463 Doncaster Road12:0412:0011:57
27.4139.2Keep RightB6463 Main Street12:0812:0412:00
28.8137.8SignHarworth & Bircotes12:1012:0612:02
29.4137.2M R/about3rd ExitBlyth Road12:1112:0712:02
29.4137.2M R/about1st ExitScrooby Road12:1112:0712:02
30.0136.6Drinks Start12:1212:0712:03
30.3136.3M R/about1st ExitScrooby Road12:1212:0812:03
30.5136.1M R/about2nd ExitScrooby Road12:1212:0812:04
30.6136.0T.LightsRightScrooby Road12:1312:0812:04
32.1134.5T.JunctionLeftA614 Bawtry Road12:1512:1012:06
32.5134.1Keep LeftA614 Bawtry Road12:1612:1112:06
32.8133.8Keep LeftDual Carriageway12:1612:1112:07
33.8132.8T.LightsRightA631 Gainsborough Road12:1812:1312:08
34.1132.5Keep RightDual Carriageway12:1812:1312:08
35.3131.3Keep LeftDual Carriageway12:2012:1512:10
39.0127.6JunctionRightOld Gainsborough Road12:2612:2012:15
39.2127.4T.JunctionRightOld Gainsborough Road12:2612:2112:15
40.0126.6JunctionRightB6045 Eel Pool Road12:2712:2212:16
40.0126.6T.JunctionRightB6045 Eel Pool Road12:2712:2212:16
40.1126.5JunctionLeftWiseton Road12:2812:2212:16
42.5124.1Caution!Hump Back Bridge12:3112:2512:19
43.7122.9JunctionLeftWheatley Road12:3312:2712:21
46.7119.9X.RoadsStraightLow Street12:3812:3112:25
46.7119.9SignNorth Wheatley12:3812:3112:25
47.5119.1Keep RightSturton Road12:3912:3212:26
47.6119.0SignSouth Wheatley12:3912:3312:26
49.9116.7SignSturton le Steeple12:4312:3612:29
50.3116.3Keep RightCross Street12:4412:3612:29
52.1114.5SignNorth Leverton12:4612:3912:31
52.7113.9X.RoadsRightMain Street12:4712:4012:32
53.9112.7Keep RightRetford Road12:4912:4212:34
58.8107.8X.RoadsStraightLeverton Road12:5712:4912:40
60.9105.7T.LightsRightA638 Arlington Way13:0012:5212:43
61.1105.5T.LightsStraightA638 Arlington Way13:0112:5212:43
61.5105.1T.LightsLeftA638 London Road13:0112:5212:44
63.0103.6M R/about1st ExitA638 London Road13:0412:5512:46
63.2103.4M R/about2nd ExitA638 London Road13:0412:5512:46
66.1100.5JunctionRightB6387 Rectory Lane13:0812:5912:49
66.5100.1Keep RightB6687 Muttonshire Hill13:0913:0012:50
71.195.5Keep LeftB6387 Walesby Road13:1613:0612:56
73.093.6SignWalesby Road13:1913:0912:58
76.090.6Keep RightB6387 Main Road13:2413:1313:02

Sprint 2023

76.590.1Green Zone for 200m13:2513:1413:03
76.690.0X.RoadsStraightMain Road13:2513:1413:03
76.989.7M R/about1st ExitA6075 Tuxford Road13:2513:1413:03
78.688.0X.RoadsLeftA616 Newark Road13:2813:1713:06
78.987.7JunctionRightEakring Road13:2813:1713:06
80.586.1KoM 2 Cat 3Start13:3113:2013:08
81.685.0KOM 2 CAT 3


FINISHRED HILL LANE13:3313:2113:09
81.685.0Green Zone for 200m13:3313:2113:09
83.383.3T.JunctionRightBilsthorpe Road13:3513:2413:12
85.481.2JunctionLeftSwish Lane13:3913:2713:14
85.980.7X.RoadsLeftEakring Road13:3913:2713:15
87.279.4R/about2nd ExitKirklington Road13:4213:2913:17
88.078.6JunctionLeftKirklington Road13:4313:3013:18
88.777.9Keep LeftKirklington Road13:4413:3113:19
89.976.7T.JunctionLeftA617 Kirklington Road13:4613:3313:20
91.675.0JunctionRightSouthwell Road13:4813:3513:22
92.074.6Caution!Sharp Left Bend – Narrow!13:4913:3613:23
93.573.1Keep LeftLower Kirklington Road13:5113:3813:25
94.472.2Caution!Narrow Bridge13:5313:3913:26
95.571.1JunctionRightKirklington Road13:5513:4113:27
96.670.0T.JunctionLeftQueen Street13:5613:4313:29
96.769.9JunctionRightQueen Street – Against No Entry!13:5613:4313:29
96.070.6Keep LeftHall Lane13:5513:4213:28
96.869.8JunctionLeftKing Street – Against No Entry!13:5713:4313:29
97.469.2X.RoadsStraightStation Road13:5813:4413:30
97.669.0Caution!Narrow Bridge!13:5813:4413:30
99.966.7T.JunctionLeftA617 Newark Road14:0113:4713:33
100.066.6JunctionRightCaunton Road14:0213:4713:33
104.662.0X.RoadsStraightNewark Road14:0913:5413:39
105.261.4Caution!Sharp Right Bend14:1013:5513:40
105.361.3X.RoadsStraightMain Street14:1013:5513:40
105.461.2T.JunctionRightNorwell Road14:1013:5513:40
105.661.0Keep LeftNorwell Road14:1013:5513:40
106.959.7Caution!Narrow Bridge!14:1213:5713:42
106.959.7JunctionLeftCaunton Road14:1213:5713:42
107.359.3Caution!Narrow Bridge!14:1313:5813:42
108.757.9T.JunctionRightNorwell Lane14:1514:0013:44
109.274.0Keep LeftNorwell Lane14:1614:0113:45
109.756.9JunctionLeftOssington Road14:1714:0113:46
110.556.1Keep RightOssington Road14:1814:0213:47
113.952.7JunctionRightMoorhouse Road14:2314:0713:51
115.950.7Caution!Severe Hump Back Bridge!14:2714:1013:54
116.050.6Keep RightMoorhouse Road14:2714:1013:54
118.148.5T.JunctionLeftWeston Road14:3014:1313:56
119.846.8T.JunctionRightTuxford Road14:3314:1613:59
121.744.9Keep LeftNewcastle Street14:3614:1814:01
122.144.5X.RoadsStraightA6075 Market Place14:3614:1914:01
123.143.5JunctionRightMarnham Road14:3814:2014:03
123.443.2M R/about1st ExitMarnham Road14:3814:2114:03
127.439.2Keep RightSkegby Road14:4514:2714:08
127.539.1Keep LeftPolly Taylors Road14:4514:2714:08
128.737.9T.JunctionLeftFledborough Road14:4714:2814:10
130.436.2Keep Left14:4914:3114:12
132.833.8X.RoadsRightA57 Darlton Road14:5314:3414:15
133.533.1SignDunham on Trent14:5414:3514:16
132.733.9Keep RightA57 Main Street14:5314:3414:15
134.432.2SignDunham Bridge14:5614:3714:17
134.532.1Keep RightToll Crossing14:5614:3714:17
136.030.6JunctionRightA1133 Collingham Road14:5814:3914:19
138.727.9Caution!Hump Back Bridge15:0214:4314:23
146.620.020km to race finish – Green Zone for 200m15:1514:5414:33
147.818.8Collingham Village15:1714:5614:35
148.018.6X.RoadsStraightA1133 High Street15:1714:5614:35
148.817.8T.LightsStraightA1130 High Street15:1814:5714:36
150.216.4Caution!Level Crossing15:2114:5914:38
150.416.2JunctionLeftWhitmoor Lane15:2114:5914:38
151.215.4Keep RightBrough Lane15:2215:0114:39
155.411.2JunctionRightCoddington Lane15:2915:0714:44
155.411.2T.JunctionRightCoddington Lane15:2915:0714:44
156.610.010km to race finish15:3115:0814:46
159.17.5R/about2nd ExitBeckingham Road15:3515:1214:49
161.65.05km to race finish15:3815:1514:52
163.03.6T.LightsRightNorthern Road15:4115:1714:54
163.63.03km to race finish – Green Zone for 200m15:4215:1814:55
163.82.8Keep RightNorthern Road15:4215:1914:55
165.01.6T.LightsStraightNorth Gate15:4415:2014:57
165.31.3R/about1st ExitB6166 Castle Gate15:4415:2114:57
165.70.9T.LightsStraightLombard Street15:4515:2114:58



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