Sunday 21 July 2024
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Tram fares increase by up to 8% from next week

Nottingham Express Transit confirms the increase will be in force on 28 March.

Single fares will increase from £2.50 to £2.70 – an increase of 8%

Day tickets will go up by 30p, weekly tickets by £1 and monthly by £5.

The operator blames energy costs and inflation.

It comes as NET announced that starting this week passengers the travel without a valid ticket will face on-the-spot fines of £70.

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Andrew Conroy, chief operating officer of Tramlink, told councillors the zero-tolerance approach is being brought in to reduce the number of fare dodgers.

He said the two organisations aim to have ticket checkers on roughly 10 per cent of all trams, and have set a target of reducing the proportion of people caught to five per cent or lower.

At present, however, he said the number of fare dodgers is roughly 6.8 per cent of all travellers and the number is something “we need to bring down”.

Speaking in the meeting, he added: “We’re going to have a period of zero tolerance on the trams as far as fair evasion goes.

“From March 21 we will be having zero tolerance, we’re doubling the size of our revenue protection team and we’ve spent the last four or five months on an education programme for customers saying you still need to buy a ticket.

“We’re going out with a strong campaign saying ‘please get a ticket before you board’ because it is zero tolerance now.

“We’re hoping to reward fare-paying customers and the ultimate aim is to never have to penalty fare a customer, our target for this is zero, but at the moment we’re nowhere near close to that.

“For anybody who has to pay a penalty fare during this time, we’re going to be giving a proportion of that money to Ukraine refugees and that starts next week.”

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