Wednesday 17 July 2024
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Tram safety review after increase in collisions with cars and pedestrians

Incidents involving a taxi and a pedestrian have been noted ahead of a council meeting to be held next week to review tram performance in Nottingham.

The NET operational performance and progress report prepared for the Greater Nottingham Light Rapid Transit Advisory Committee to be held next week states:

‘There was a slight increase in the number of road traffic collisions in December, particularly in the Radford Road and Lace Market areas.

‘Of note, on Saturday 10th December, a taxi overtook a moving tram at Lace Market. The taxi driver could not see the approaching tram in the other direction and attempted to drive between the two trams, resulting in a collision.

‘There was significant damage to the car, as well as some damage to the tram.

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‘All services were delayed whilst details were exchanged and checks on any injuries were made.

‘Work has also been carried out at the Fletcher Gate car park to improve entry and exit signage and new traffic calming measures are planned for installation at Asda at Hyson Green.

Another incident is also noted below:

‘On Wednesday 25th January, a pedestrian was involved in a collision at Nottingham Station.

‘The tram stop CCTV shows the person running into the path of an approaching tram. It was later understood that they saw the southbound tram, which they wanted to catch, and failed to look for the northbound tram that was approaching the crossing.

‘They were immediately attended to by NET staff and an off-duty nurse. NET Control asked for an Ambulance however, after liaising with the Ambulance control and the off-duty nurse, a decision was made to use an out-of-service tram to transport the person directly to the QMC, where medical staff were waiting.

‘During this time, there was no service between NG2 and Old Market Square, with NCT cross-ticket acceptance in place.

‘There has been close liaison with relatives of the injured person and all the information that they have requested has been provided, with a continuous offer of support whenever required. A review of the safety measures that are in place is being undertaken.’

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