Friday 12 July 2024
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Trent Barton confirms £2 bus fare cap for the rest of 2024

trentbarton will continue to offer £2 single fares for the rest of 2024 on all its services except for Red Arrow and Nightbuses.

The £2 single fare is a Government-funded initiative enabling bus operators to reward regular bus customers and encourage more people to try taking the bus to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

trentbarton has consistently offered the £2 fare since it was introduced at the start of January 2023 and will continue to do so until December 31 2024.

trentbarton’s commitment to the £2 single fare comes as the bus operator made changes yesterday [June 30] to some of its other fares, the first alterations in 17 months since the last adjustments at the end of January 2023.

Tom Morgan, trentbarton managing director, said: “We’re pleased that we can continue to offer the £2 single fare and hope it continues to attract more people back to the buses and encourage others to give it a go for a first time.

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“We do have to change some of our other fares because we continue to face a series of inflationary cost increases, including on parts, fuel and other supplies. All bus operators are impacted by these unwelcome rises in the essentials we need.

“We have kept the increases to the smallest we can and continue to offer a range of capped and discounted ticketing, which incorporates the £2 single fare, meaning customers will always get the best value however often and far they travel with us.”

zigzag day tickets will be £8 and a seven-day saver for zone A will be £23. Young explorer fares for the under 10s are being frozen at £1 per trip.

The mango app will continue to reward users with a discount on cash singles not impacted by the £2 fare cap, and discounts for concessions remain. The seven-day cap for adults will be £42 and for young people it will be £27.

•  £2 bus fare cap confirmed on Nottingham City Transport until end 2024

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