Twenty arrests in Nottingham police operation

Twenty people have been arrested as part of an operation to reduce violence in the City South area of St Ann’s, Sneinton and The Meadows.

Operation Yeorling, which has included using a passive drugs dog, also led to the seizure of Class A drugs, Black Mamba and cannabis, as well as two knives.
In total, 79 people were interacted with on the first three days of action, on 10 February, 17 March and 13 April. The operation also led to four warrants being executed and nine people voluntarily attending a police station.

Of the 20 people arrested, the offences ranged from possession of Class A and Class B drugs with intent to supply, possession of knives and failing to appear at court.

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Inspector Donna Busuttil, the Neighbourhood Inspector for the City South Neighbourhood team, said: “The operation has been a huge success and that is testament to each and every officer who has worked on it and produced the results they have.

“The reaction from the local community has been one of support and praise for the officers. It is vital our community understand what we are doing and why and for those that want to hurt our community that they will be caught and dealt with.

“It was an opportunity for lay visitors to join the operation and see first-hand how an operation is run within our area. Their comments were exceptionally positive.”

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“It was also an opportunity to work closely with our Community Protection colleagues and other partners and have them participate in the operation from start to finish. The demand within the area following the operation saw a significant drop and an increase in community confidence.”

The ongoing operation is funded by Nottingham City Council and is the first of its kind in the City South Neighbourhood area to utilise partner agencies.

It also involves an array of officers from all areas of Nottinghamshire Police including the Neighbourhood Policing team, response, CID, Prisoner Handling Team, East Midlands Operational Support Service (EMOpSS), intelligence teams, Special Constables from our Citizens in Policing Department and custody officers.