Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Two jailed after Mercedes cars stolen from Edwalton driveways

Two car thieves have been jailed after targeting high-value vehicles in Edwalton.

Rytis Ardavicius and Denis Stratan were tracked down quickly by police after stealing two Mercedes cars from driveways in Edwalton overnight on 22 to 23 October 2023.

Officers received a call around 3.15 am on 23 October when the first car was stolen using a device to activate the vehicle.

It was then pushed off the driveway and driven away.

ANPR cameras picked up the vehicle travelling along the A453 and it was followed by officers before being pulled over just 10 minutes after the theft was reported.

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Ardavicius was inside the vehicle and was detained.

While the first theft was being investigated, a further Mercedes came to officers’ attention in Loughborough Road.

When police stopped the car, an offender later identified as Stratan ran from the scene into nearby gardens.

He was found to be carrying a knife when he was searched by police.

Inquiries soon revealed this car had also been stolen without keys from a driveway in Edwalton.

Ardavicius, aged 27, of  Northampton, and 36-year-old Stratan, of Friars Close,  were each jailed for 18 months at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday (9 February).

Ardavicius and Stratan both pleaded guilty to theft of a motor vehicle, going equipped for theft of a motor vehicle and driving without insurance.

Stratan also admitted possession of a knife in a public place.

Rushcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team officers have identified keyless car theft as a key priority and launched a new operation as they targeted resources at the crime trend.

The initiative has seen the team join forces with Response and Operational Support officers to use intelligence to target specific areas with patrols overnight.

Inspector Tim Cuthbert, district commander for Rushcliffe, said:

“We found extra resources and developed new ways of targeting car thieves because it was clearly an issue for people living in the area.

“We know people rely on their cars for work and to get around. They should be able to park their cars on driveways without being targeted by criminals.

“Officers on duty that night did a fantastic job to quickly track down these stolen vehicles and it is pleasing our overnight operation has already yielded promising results.

“I am pleased Ardavicius and Stratan have been put behind bars and hope the public in Rushcliffe are reassured by the robust police response to this national problem.”

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