Unique Nottingham wine bar with automatic dispensing machines gets green light

A unique self-service wine bar that dispenses wine from machines using a card payment system has had the green light from Nottingham City Council.

A former nail parlour, in Trinity Square is to become a wine tasting bar.

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24 different wines will be in the menu comprising reds, whites and rosé.

The bar named ‘Another?’ will sell wine and soft drinks across two floors. The plans passed yesterday (Aug 24) include a sun terrace and garden.

Another? requires customers to top-up a pre-payment card prior to selecting their drink, then one of four automatic machines delivers the glass!

Staff will be available to provide advice on choosing wine but there will also be tasting notes near to the dispensers.

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Seven new jobs will be created.

Wine is available in measures of 25ml, 125ml or 175ml.

Opening hours Monday to Sunday 11am to midnight.