Wednesday 21 February 2024
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A52 Clifton Bridge update: Important changes to lane closures as completion expected in November

A third lane is expected to reopen in September, but there are lane closure changes from tonight you need to know about.


Overnight Closures 20:00 to 06:00 A52 Clifton Bridge Eastbound (towards Grantham)

The overnight closures will be on: August: 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and14


We will be altering the Traffic Management on A52 Clifton Bridge east, overnight on Saturday 7 August (weather permitting).

  • From 6am Sunday 8 August, the live lanes will have switched
  • Currently: lanes 1 and 2 are live, with lanes 3 and 4 closed.
  • From Sunday: lanes 3 and 4 will be live, with lanes 1 and 2 closed.
  • This will mean a change of lane discipline at the A433 junction. After the switch, traffic for the A453 will continue in the same lane. While traffic remaining on the A52, will need to change lanes, following the directional signs.

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Highways England updated us below:

More lanes to open in September and November

Work is progressing well on strengthening Clifton Bridge.

Towards the end of September we hope to open another lane, which will allow us to re-open the slip road from Queens Drive.

We then aim to have all lanes open by the end of November.

Highways England’s Head of Service Delivery, Adrian Oulds, said: “Work is progressing well, and we’d like to thank motorists for their continued patience while we carry out these repairs.

“While the work we’re carrying out is complex our ambition is to open an additional lane
across the bridge around the end of September and to restore the bridge back to its original traffic layout around the end of November.

“As part of this stage of repairs, we’re putting a new strengthening system in place on the exterior of the structure which will make it much easier to access for any
future maintenance.”
“While we have lanes closed, we’re also taking the opportunity to carry out other
maintenance work which would have been needed at some point in the future.

By doing this additional work now, it reduces the risk of water damaging the structure and
allows our teams to work safely away from passing vehicles.”

Works in August and September

To achieve the opening of additional lanes in September and November, we will need a
series of short closures during August and September. These closures will be a mix of
lane closures over the weekend, and some complete overnight closures.

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The A52 Clifton Bridge Repair has been a large and complicated project. During
the repair, our principal contactor VSL Bouygues, will have: drilled 9,000 holes, cut
and bent 75 tonnes of steel reinforcement bar, mixed 12,000 bags of concrete, fitted
2,000 metres of ducting and hung 90 tonnes of steel tensioning cable.