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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Demolished House Update: Council unable to legally force rebuild despite ‘blatant disregard’ for regulations

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Rushcliffe Borough Council and other councils across the country need Central Government support to force rebuilds of homes demolished without the proper permissions.

The house which was 13 Bridgford Road was demolished over the past few weeks.

Owners had applied for planning permission for extensions to the Victorian family home.

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A resident living nearby then reported that the entire house had disappeared.

The incident caused a huge response from the community, the home was said to be one of the finest Victorian homes left standing on the town.

Many people have asked if the council were aware of the structural defects that developers claim to have found as they were evaluating work on the site. The council have responded below.

The owner of the property said:

‘I bought the house because I loved it and intend to make it my family home. It is regrettable that it has had to be demolished to be rebuilt, but it had become a safety risk. With pandemic restrictions and furloughed staff, the formal application has been delayed, but we are glad to have now made the submission for consideration. Rushcliffe Borough Council have been helpful throughout the process. We are looking forward to working collaboratively with the planners to ensure that our replacement home honours the appearance, character and stature of the original, and contributes to the high quality townscape in this important part of the Borough’


A Rushcliffe Borough Council spokesperson said: “We are contacting the owner of the property to formally record the unauthorised work and the blatant disregard for the requirement to obtain the necessary consent before the building was demolished.

“We were notified structural defects were present at the property but this was never substantiated.

 “The previous planning permission was for extensions to the property and was not granted on the basis of the demolition of the house in its entirety and at no stage, after work had begun was subsequent authorisation for full demolition work secured.

 “As the building is not listed or in a conservation area, the legal position means that the Council’s enforcement options are limited. As with local authorities nationwide who can encounter similar issues, we would need central government to change this.

 “The owner of the property has submitted an application for a replacement building on the site and this will be subject to the usual scrutiny and planning considerations.”


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