Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Updated: Ukraine support and advice including Rushcliffe donations

There are lots of ways you can help.


By giving to a registered, regulated charity, the public can have assurance that their funds will be accounted for in line with the charity law framework.

Established charities with experience of responding to disasters are usually best placed to reach victims on the ground.

People looking to donate to causes working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries, should make a few simple checks before giving:

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  • Check the charity’s name and registration number at
  • Make sure the charity is genuine before giving any financial information
  • Be careful when responding to emails or clicking on links within them
  • Contact or find out more online about the charity that you’re seeking to donate to or work with to understand how they are spending their funds
  • Look out for the Fundraising Badge on charity fundraising materials, this is the logo which shows that a charity has committed to fundraise in line with the Code of Fundraising Practice

Many charities operate in Russia, and may come under increasing pressure as a result of the implications of sanctions, difficulties in transferring funds and because of the operating environment for civil society in that country.

All charities should also know their donors, and consider whether or not to accept donations, including where there may be a reputational implication for them in doing so.

Charities are encouraged to read the latest government guidance in light of the current international context as well as the general guidance on managing risks when working internationally.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an urgent appeal to help people fleeing conflict in Ukraine.

DEC charities are working with local partners to provide refugees and displaced people with food, water, blankets, hygiene items, medical assistance, protection and trauma care.

You can donate on their Humanitarian Appeal page and the UK government will match any donations pound-for-pound up to £20 million.

Donation of items in Rushcliffe and Nottingham

The closest aid efforts in Rushcliffe include at East Leake Leisure Centre which is a donation point for items including:

Nappies, womens’ hygiene items, toothbrushes and shower items, plasters, bandages and first aid kits, towels, blankets, sheets and sleeping bags, torches, batteries and phone chargers.

Nottingham’s AUGB, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain who are operating their effort through partners but who do not require clothes donations.

Visas and support for those leaving Ukraine

Details of the Ukraine Family Visa route are available.

Apply to be a sponsor and offers of accommodation

The government has launched a new sponsorship scheme to make sure that Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes have a route to safety.

The scheme will match people, charities, businesses and community groups to Ukrainians who do not have family ties to the UK.

The government are therefore now asking those who wish to register their interest to do so on their central website. We are no longer collecting details with our survey.

Please register your details using the following links:

Individuals who wish to sponsor a named person should get in contact with them directly and prepare to fill in a visa application with all the required details. The visa application will go live on 18 March.

Individuals who do not know anyone to sponsor may wish to get in touch with charities, faith groups or local community organisations who are starting to make connections between individuals.

The DLUHC has produced a frequently asked questions document about the scheme. If you have any questions, please email Homes for Ukraine.

More information is available on the Homes for Ukraine website. 

Frequently asked questions.

Local organisations interested in becoming a community sponsor, please contact Brein Fisher, Regional Migration Manager.

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