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Video: Extinction Rebellion ‘Stop Business as Usual’ at Barclays Nottingham


At 11am today 17thAugust, Extinction Rebellion groups in the East Midlands  ‘Stopped Business as Usual’ at Barclays Banks in Nottingham, Newark, Loughborough, Lincoln and Derby. 


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Extinction Rebellion say that Barclays is identified as ‘the worst in Europe’ by the Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2019, and is the European banking sector’s biggest funder of fossil fuel companies and is ranked 6th globally, having invested over $85bn into activities such as fracking, Arctic drilling, tar sands, deep-water exploration and coal mines since 2015. This includes a colossal $24bn towards aggressively expanding new fossil fuel deposits, which if exploited will push us way beyond the Internationally agreed targets on CO2 emissions. 


XRNottingham say that ‘…the bank’s ecocidal ‘Business as Usual’ bankrolling of the huge fossil fuel corporations means they are knowingly and recklessly driving the climate emergency and environmental devastation that we face.’

Adding that ‘this situation threatens the future stability and survival of human civilisation and much of life on Earth through negative impacts on food and water production and the breakdown of social and ecological systems.’


In response, Extinction Rebellion groups in the East Midlands decided to demonstrate their power, coordination and resolute determination to Stop Barclay’s Business as Usual in a non-violent disruptive action against their branches, occurring simultaneously across the region.

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Ghostly-faced Extinction Rebels dressed in business clothes, complete with bowler hats and umbrellas marched around Nottingham, Newark, Loughborough, Lincoln and Derby in silence to strikingly capture the attention of the public before proceeding to the Barclays branches. 

The Rebels continuously walked silently in and out of the branch to symbolise mindless ‘business as usual’, before lying down and ‘dying’ both inside and outside the bank. These ‘deaths’ represent the consequences of famine, floods, extreme weather and wars caused by the collapse of climate and ecological systems due to human activities. 

By continuing to invest billions in fossil fuel industries, the ecocidal behaviour of banks such as Barclays makes them complicit in these deaths. Banners and placards with ‘Stop Business as Usual’ and ‘Business as Usual  = Extinction’ were in evidence. 

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Activists talked with members of the public and information boards and leaflets were presented, including information on alternative banks for people to use.

The disruption continued for about an hour, at which point the ‘rebels’ checked the area for litter and debriefed the action to demonstrate their stewardship and responsible attitude to their members and to the public.

John Curran, former Metropolitan Police Detective Sergeant, from the Extinction Rebellion Nottingham said, ‘ Business as Usual means financing dirty coal, the worst greenhouse polluter there is. For our children’s future, say no to Barclays and no to coal’

Dr Tom Barber from the Extinction Rebellion Nottingham said, ‘ We are disrupting business as usual today at Barclays to focus a spotlight on how the continued bankrolling of fossil fuel expansion is driving us all over a cliff, risking the future of all life on earth.’ 

Etienne Stott, London 2012 Olympic gold medallist and Extinction Rebellion activist said, ‘I’m proud that our action today will not only raise awareness, but also send a message to dirty companies like Barclays that we know what they’re up to, we think it’s wrong and we will take action to get them to change their ways. We’re also showing how coordinated and distributed Extinction Rebellion is across this region’ 

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Saturday 17th August 2019 At 11am today 17thAugust, Extinction Rebellion groups in the East Midlands ‘Stopped Business as Usual’ at Barclays Banks in Nottingham, Newark, Loughborough, Lincoln and Derby. See story and pictures here: https://westbridgfordwire.com/video-extinction-rebellion-stop-business-as-usual-at-barclays-nottingham/ #extinctionrebellion #Nottingham Instagram news stories: https://www.instagram.com/westbridgfordwirenews/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WestBridgfordWire/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/westbridgfdwire Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/west-bridgford-wire-daily-news-updates/id1471319770 Sign-up for daily newsletter: https://westbridgfordwire.com/sign-up/

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