Saturday 24 February 2024
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Video: Footage catches Deliveroo rider’s bike being stolen in Nottingham

Footage released by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain president Alex Marshall shows a rider’s bike being stolen near Hooter’s in Nottingham.

The film shows the Deliveroo rider running after the alleged thief after he rides off on his bike.

Alex Marshall, President of the IWGB said:

‘This video shows that people are getting so used to abusing Deliveroo riders that it has now become a source of entertainment

‘When your employer treats you as disposable, it seems others think it’s ok to do so too.

He must have been terrified as he watched someone jump on his bike & ride off. That bike is his livelihood & due to no support from he would have faced a real struggle to get back on the road. The company does nothing when riders are victims of crime while working.

‘Couriers and private hire drivers have provided a vital service throughout the pandemic and we must make sure as we emerge that we maintain the respect for them that led to us applauding them. This respect starts with these demands from employers.’