Video: School children protest in Nottingham for climate change action

Youth Strike 4 Climate organisers say school children are taking strike action in 60 towns and cities including Nottingham today because of ‘an alarming lack of Government leadership’ on climate change.

Among the banners held by pupils holding demonstrations across the country today were ‘global warming isn’t cool’, ‘there is no Planet B’, ‘when did the children become the adults’ and ‘don’t burn our future’, ‘this is what it takes’ and ‘we can’t recycle our future.’

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Students drew around their hands in Old Market Square and signed them in support.


Organisers chanted, ‘This is what democracy looks like’, meaning that direct action has to be taken by them because they don’t have the vote yet due to their age.

Students want the Government to declare a climate emergency and take defined steps to deal with the problem, communicate to the public more about the size of the ecological crisis and reform the curriculum so it is an educational priority in schools.

Parents face a £60 fine if they allow their child to take an unauthorised absence in some areas where schools are under pressure from councils.

Many parents support the action too.