Vote for a ‘new, fresh politics’ says West Bridgford West Labour Candidate

Nadia Whittome

Residents of West Bridgford West should vote for the Labour Party in order to have a fresh representative who will speak up for every member of the community, the party’s local candidate has told The Wire.

Having delivered in all of the parties 2013 election pledges and more, Labour say you can trust in them to continue in delivering these again if elected on the 4th May.

Nominated in The Tab’s Future 100 list of influential women for 2017, Nadia is determined to become a voice for all of the people within her constituency.

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Speaking to the West Bradford Wire, Ms Whittome says: “This election is a choice between a Labour or Tory run County Council; preservation of public services or increased cuts,” said Nadia.

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“With almost 1/4 of the vote share in 2013, Labour has a chance of winning in West Bridgford West and the stakes are too high to vote Lib Dem or Green.

“My campaign has demonstrated my commitment to making politics relevant, engaging, and accessible. I’ve sought the views of every resident and informed them of Nottinghamshire Labour’s record and election pledges, by knocking on every door in the division and phoning residents; delivering two letters to each household; holding several street stalls on Central Avenue and near local schools, and regular social media updates.

“Only the Labour group at County Hall has the collective power to protect Nottinghamshire communities from swingeing government cuts. Labour are here for you, me, our friends and our families.”

Nadia has been involved in politics from a very young age, and believes a fresh new look on politics will provide a service that will benefit her region in the long-term.

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“I became politically active aged 16, incensed by the coalition government’s bedroom tax and subsequent education reforms,” said Nadia. “I’m standing as Labour’s candidate for West Bridgford West because we need a new, fresh politics.

“All levels of government must be more representative of the population they serve. Young people will be part of shaping the future and this change starts locally. Nottinghamshire County Council under a Labour administration has a proven success story (Nottinghamshire County Council is a living wage employer, has taken on 150 apprentices, and invested an extra £2m in mental health support in schools).

“With a dedicated Labour representative, West Bridgford West can share in these achievements.