Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Warm Space Meet & Eat launches at St Giles West Bridgford

The facility will take place at the church on Wednesdays.

St Giles’ Church in West Bridgford will be opening up their church hall weekly on Wednesdays 12.30 -2.30 pm, from 18th January until at least the end of February (and most probably beyond).

They are aiming to relieve some of the pressure on those in our community this winter amid the rising cost of living.

They will offer a warm welcome and serve a simple soup lunch, hot drinks, biscuits and toast in the church hall.

Everyone will be welcome, from parents and carers with young children to older people living alone, and everyone in between.

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We understand that some people would like to meet others and make connections, while others will prefer to simply sit quietly somewhere warm with a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee. Please spread the word!

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