Thursday 22 February 2024
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Pictures: Warning after motorist stranded with water entering her car rescued by police

Police officers from the Mansfield North Neighbourhood Policing Team and Mansfield Response Rota 2 attended Eakring Road in Mansfield following reports of a vehicle stranded with water flowing into it.

Officers immediately made their way to the scene, including mobilising the Police Land Rover Defender based at Mansfield Police Station.

Officers were at the scene within minutes, where they located an understandably distressed woman in her Hyundai i10.

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There was water flowing into her vehicle and she could not possibly move her car without assistance.

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Officers then attached the lady’s car to the Land Rover with a tow hook and managed to pull her car out of the water.

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They then drove her car back to safety to ensure that it was still in working order.

PC Pete Gardiner, from the Mansfield North Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

“We are approaching the time of year where these kinds of incidents happen regularly, requiring a police service response.

“Unfortunately, most people who find themselves stuck down Eakring Road are following their satnavs without taking into consideration the harshness of the road.

“We therefore plead with motorists to ensure that they consider where their sat-navs are taking them and to avoid using the off-road section of Eakring Road.

“This incident required a number of police resources, which we would like to avoid in the future”.

The driver has given us her permission to use the photographs of her, and her car, in order to warn people not to go down Eakring Road in a vehicle that is not safe to do so.

Aside from the emotional distress that this caused this female, there is also a potential financial cost for any damage caused as well as the police time used at the scene.

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