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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Warning: Scammers operating at ASDA West Bridgford using distraction methods


A resident has contacted us after his 72-year-old mother had cash and other items stolen from her purse by two women with a clipboard at Asda West Bridgford.

The woman was visiting the ASDA store as she does every weekend when visiting her grandchildren in West Bridgford.

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After shopping, she went to the cash machine to draw out some money and was approached by two smartly presented young women with a clipboard.

They asked her if she would sign a petition to open a centre for the deaf in Nottingham as their ‘cousin is deaf.’

They didn’t want donations but advised that people had been giving 20p or 50p in support.

They asked for identification before the woman signed – so she opened her purse to show her drivers license.

The clipboard was full of signatures and the lady thought this must be something ASDA had agreed with a third-party on their premises – as they had been talking to customers most of the afternoon.

Once signed one woman threw her arms around her as a ‘hug of thanks’ whilst the other woman reached into her bag, opened her purse and took £140 in cash and then placed it back in her bag.

Thinking she had given to charity as a kind gesture she walked away back to her car.

The following morning she opened her purse and realised immediately that her cash was all gone and had only been to Asda since checking.

Nottinghamshire Police were called and CCTV at the store was checked immediately – customers were made aware.

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Beware ‘health centre petition’ scam in Bingham and Radcliffe


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