Weapons, cash, a car and designer gear seized in Nottingham warrant

Officers continue to disrupt criminal activity in the Bestwood area after a warrant led to wardrobes being emptied of designer gear and thousands of pounds being seized yesterday (Friday 5 October). A £50,000 Audi was also taken as evidence.

CS spray and a baton were found hidden in a wardrobe and a number of mobile phones were seized. Scales and a money counter were also taken as evidence.

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Thousands of pounds worth of designer coats, jumpers, jeans and pairs of trainers, some still with the tags on, were seized.

A 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs. He remains in custody while enquiries continue.

Operation Reacher first launched in April 2018 with the aim of maintaining the relationship with the people of Bestwood and to show that we are as committed to them, as we are any other community.

Since then, over 60 warrants and searches have taken place and 176 stops and searches have also been carried out. Today’s success takes the number of arrests and interview under caution up to 117 and over £50,000 has been seized. Over 200 vehicles, that have been either illegally driven or used to transport the drugs have also been taken off the streets.

Sgt Oldroyd said: “Why is it fair for criminals to be walking around in £500 trainers and going on holiday four times a year? It’s not.

“While it’s always good to recover drugs from plaguing the community, it’s just as important to disrupt other criminal activity. Operation Reacher isn’t just about smashing in doors and we won’t stop at the drug finds or vehicles seizures; we will continue to support the vast majority of what the people of Bestwood and Top Valley are asking for and continue to disrupt criminal activity and do everything we can to stamp it out.

“None of this would be possible without the information that you keep providing to us and all I ask is that you keep that coming in, so we can keep providing the focused service you want. We won’t tolerate it and I hope the criminals are starting to see that the good people of Bestwood and Top Valley won’t either.”