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West Bridgford environmental group fights Lady Bay School and campus plans

The Lady Bay-based Fields Campaign group is fighting the County Council proposal to build a new secondary school on Regatta Way (between Lady Bay and the Water Sports Centre) and move the popular Lady Bay Primary school out of the community it serves.

The group say that the chosen site is right in the middle of the floodplain and at “high risk” of flooding from the Trent, according to the official Flooding Risk website. (See attachment provided by FIELDS below)

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The group has written to all County and Borough Councillors to ask them to think again, pointing out the environmental impact of using a Green Belt site and the enormous problems that would be caused to families and businesses in Lady Bay if the Primary school was forced to move. (See attachment)

Mike Scott (Fields Co-Ordinator) said: “This proposal is totally at odds with the County Council’s recently adopted environmental policy and would place children in the middle of an area at high risk of flooding.

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The Primary school could be redesigned on its current site at the heart of our community, within walking distance for local families. Moving it to Regatta Way would mean most children getting there by car, increasing pollution and reducing exercise. And the secondary school would attract children from as far away as Ruddington – it makes no sense to put it there.”


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Below is the letter sent by FIELDS

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