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West Bridgford hairdresser Marie Hall joins elite group for Wella degree

West Bridgford hairdresser Marie Hall, renowned as a Wella colour expert and the first in Nottingham to hold this distinction, embarks on a groundbreaking journey.

Marie’s career now takes an incredible turn as she joins an elite group of thirty-three individuals, carefully chosen from a pool of 108 nationwide, for a pioneering degree in hairdressing in collaboration with Wella and Glasgow University.

The traditional perceptions surrounding the hairdressing industry as just a hairstyling service are being challenged by Marie.

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She says that it’s not just about hair, but that it encompasses many more elements that make it a dynamic and multifaceted profession.

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The recent challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the essential role played by hairdressers.

Marie started her degree in September 2023, with graduation scheduled for November 2025. This period is dedicated to comprehensive academic research, spanning the spectrum of the industry.

Marie’s research extends from the challenges of running a business to educational methods and also involves biology, chemistry, and psychology and how they apply to hairdressing.

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Wella has arranged a special visit for Marie and her fellow students to Wella’s headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, in October this year.

This experience offers a behind-the-scenes look at the laboratories where the art of creating the perfect hair colour takes place.

Marie will have the privilege of touring the labs and engaging in conversations with the scientists driving innovation in haircare product development.

Marie’s commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements has been a career hallmark.

Recognising the ever-changing nature of hairdressing, she sees the importance of continuous professional development and the need to stay relevant and knowledgeable across all areas of the profession.

Expressing her vision for the future, Marie aims to inspire the next generation of hairdressers and foster new talent. She says there has been a drop in interest among young people since COVID-19 and understands the need to correct misconceptions about the industry.

For Marie, hairdressing is not just a job, it’s a passion rooted in building authentic connections with clients. Through her journey, she aspires to redefine perceptions and spotlight the diverse facets of an industry she passionately loves.

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