West Bridgford horse-rescuers help cops with farmer’s llama drama

A llama escaped from its new home at Portland College yesterday and took itself on a jaunt around Holbeck Wood Estate, causing traffic chaos.

Police issued this statement, (really)

‘Magic the Llama was caught and was awaiting a vet for sedation, when he made a second bid for freedom and charged down the Marr Route leaving significant traffic disruption in his wake.

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He was eventually alpaca’d in at Rushley Manor by an off duty special and 4 PCSOs, however the Llama refused to cooperate by resisting arrest and back up was called. Fortunately the folks at Moo-Vana Horse Rescue travelled from West Bridgford to help wrangle mischievous Magic.

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It took nearly three and a half hours, and some very soggy staff, but the streets of Morton are now safe, with Magic the Llama currently servicing his sentence at an animal rescue farm.’