Notts Police – West Bridgford

West Bridgford Police Station – Bridgford Road

Contact Details: Non- emergency – Call 101 (In an emergency always call 999)


West Bridgford Policing Team Contact Details;

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant:
Sgt 564 Harvey Smedley
Team phone number:
101 Ext 810 6145
Our Team

PC 1218 Adrian Bradshaw
Phone: 07702141705
PCSO 8133 Sherrylee Sampson
Phone: 07702141707
PCSO 7462 Martyn Seaton
Phone: 07702141271
PCSO 9035 Jennifer Buggy
Phone: 07702141722
PC 952 Kevin Murphy
Phone: 07595074314
PCSO 4781 Jodie Turner
Phone: 07824457222
PCSO 4780 Emma Williams
Phone: 07894482984
PC 946 Mark Hallam
Phone: 07702141571
PCSO 4715 Liam Binns
Phone: 07595074136
PCSO 9651 Lisa Bee
Phone: 07525226404
PCSO 8094 Jane Barker
Phone: 07702141575

Information includes details of local group meetings, where instances of anti-social behaviour, speeding vehicles and other crime has been discussed and subsequent agreed action that will take place.
  • The Neighbourhood Alert System is available online.
If you visit  you get a free service with information about crime trends, you can report suspicious and anti-social behaviour online, and receive updates and responses about them. Discuss local issues online with other registered users. Visit the website for more information.