West Bridgford Tennis Club




West Bridgford Tennis Club is believed to have been founded in 1885. It’s first home was on Millicent Road, at the junction with Bridgford Road. A move to Wilford Lane, close to the river, followed in 1902. The club then relocated to it’s existing site in 1906.

In 1920 the club became a Company Limited by guarantee (West Bridgford Lawn Tennis Club Limited). One of the clubs most important steps in the clubs history followed in the same year, when the freehold of the ground was purchased with the aid of loans from members. At that time the club had seven grass courts and four red shale courts. However, the shale courts were let to another club known as The Hard Court Club until after the second world war.

In 1995 the Committee submitted an application to the new National Lottery for a grant towards the cost of new indoor courts. The application was successful. Various problems were surmounted and eventually (thanks to the Lottery grant an LTA loan and a grant from Rushcliffe Borough Council) the new pavilion, gymnasium and indoor courts were opened in September 1999. Three of the outdoor courts had been resurfaced with artificial grass as part of the project. The pavilion which had been built in 1985 had to be demolished to create a larger car parking area. The new facilities (staffed for 13 hours every day) provided the opportunity for even more tennis and coaching activity at all levels.





In some respects the Club has changed. It now reaches out to the wider community, not just its members. It now has a professional management team, other paid staff and more coaches than before. However, it is still (as has been the case ever since 1885) run by an elected committee of volunteers on a not-for-profit basis with the object of providing the best possible value for all who use it.


West Bridgford Tennis Club Little Bounds off Wilford Lane West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 7QA

Telephone: 0115 9811699