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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

West Bridgford preschool gets no share of £2 million community grants


Staff and parents at a local community preschool were left very disappointed, when the county council published the list of recommended grants for local causes.

Leahurst Road Preschool was not included in the grants. The preschool, which is based at St Luke’s Church, is a charity, and supports a diverse range of children and their families in the local area. 

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The preschool has been rated ‘good’ by OFSTED, and staff support several children with learning difficulties and other challenges, such as autistic spectrum disorder.

Additionally, there are also a number of refugee families who speak English as a second language so communication with them and their children attending the pre-school requires additional time and support.

Funding available to the preschool to support children with special educational needs and communication difficulties has declined in recent years, which is why the preschool had applied to Nottinghamshire County Council’s Local Improvement Scheme for a small amount of extra funding over the next three years, to ensure that the resources were in place to work on communication skills with those children who needed some extra help. 

A spokesperson for the preschool said:

“We are extremely disappointed that our application has been overlooked. We invited Councillor Jonathan Wheeler to visit the preschool, and he was very encouraging about the work that we do here, so we hoped that his support of our application would help. We would welcome the council to reconsider our funding application, on the basis our project will reach out to the wider community and would invite them to explain their rational of decision making against those such as a private tennis club”.


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