West Bridgford Property Market update: March 2017

West Bridgford property expert Andy Smith looks back at the state of the market in March 2017. 


The following information will give a guide to the past activity in the property market in and around West Bridgford.
The video commentary will explain the figures, discuss events that are present and affecting the market, whilst predicting what we are likely to see moving forward.

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The current average property prices are as follows;

Overall property prices have risen slightly against a national backdrop of stagnant prices. The increase is marginal and shows that the recent increases year on year have slowed.

The predictions of some of the major property companies is for 2017 to remain quite flat for pricing, with a few local anomalies.

London as always is leading the trends in pricing and reductions can be seen in some of the key areas. As always this region remains comparatively strong.
The following chart shows the progression of properties coming to market and selling over the past six months. This establishes a trend for the expectations of the property market.

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March has recovered some of the disappointment of February and left the overall figures for the first quarter comparable to last year. One interesting factor is new homes, within the figures for instructions above 24 of those are new homes. Without those, the figures would leave us down on 2016. The new homes are also stimulating sales, with part exchanges proving popular.

Average Prices across the UK compared to NG2