West Bridgford Property Market Update: May 2017

West Bridgford property expert Andy Smith talks about the market in May 2017.


The following information will give a guide to the past activity in the property market in and around West Bridgford.
The video commentary will explain the figures, discuss events that are present and affecting the market, whilst predicting what we are likely to see moving forward.

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The current average property prices are as follows:

The figures for average prices are taken directly from the Land Registry. Unfortunately, the Land Registry have not updated their figures at the end of the previous month as normal, so I am unable to bring you any information. My feeling is that overall prices have remained steady, however, when the information is available I will bring out an update.

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The following chart shows the progression of properties coming to market and selling over the past six months. This establishes a trend for the expectations of the property market.


May shows an interesting result although a slightly misleading one. The actual market in May was quite buoyant and the figures above are without a national online Agent who seemed to lose their Rightmove feed and therefore do not appear in the figures. May began in strong style and then, toward the end of the month, quietened down significantly. The prospect of a General Election removing focus from the property market. The figures in June, particularly for instructions, may indicate how comfortable we are with the election result.

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All figures have been researched from several property websites including Rightmove and Zoopla.