West Bridgford Property Market Update: February 2017

West Bridgford property market expert Andy Smith talks about  past activity in the property market in and around West Bridgford during February 2017.

The video commentary will explain the figures, discuss events that are present and affecting the market, whilst predicting what we are likely to see moving forward.

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The current average property prices are as follows;

Overall property prices have risen slightly despite the fall in transaction numbers and the reduced stock coming to market. This suggests that the more desirable properties are still selling, whilst those properties that are either situated in a less popular location or are less attractive (due to a combination of factors) are sticking on the market.

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Often there is a settling in February and that is what we see here. January takes advantage of all the planning that people do over Christmas and February either continues that trend or more commonly sees a slowdown. This year the slowdown is greater than normal and the feeling in the market is cautious. March and April can see a revival in numbers as Spring begins, however, it is likely to be less than in previous years if this trend continues.

All figures have been researched from a number of property websites including Rightmove and Zoopla.