West Bridgford School ‘My Future Pathways’ looking for guest speakers from local businesses


In September, students in year 11 at The West Bridgford School will be facing a time when they are seriously considering what their next steps beyond secondary school could be.

Some will be sure of what they want to study next and what their long term goal is, whilst others may be uncertain.

To help inspire our students and encourage them to consider the variety of possible career options open to them we put on an annual event called My Future Pathways.

It is a careers day with a bit of a twist. 

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Our very generous guest speakers from a variety of professions come into school to deliver an interactive 1 hour session to a group of students.

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Speakers not only cover what their career pathway was but also share the variety of careers available within a particular field or company.

The theme is ‘Careers in…’, whether that be a law practice, medicine, teaching, journalism & broadcasting, counselling & psychiatry, construction, or working in a big company such as Boots – this event is about shedding light on the variety of careers in any field, whether they be traditional, creative, modern, vocational, entrepreneurial  or unique.

We are currently looking for guest speakers to deliver an interactive 1 hour session and talk with between 10 – 30 students about careers in the following areas:


  • Creative and performing arts industry; fashion design, theatre (set, costume, AV) and photography
  • Sport such as sports person, physiotherapist or sport science
  • Veterinary care
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneur and setting up own business
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If you work in any of these fields, or any other you think may be of interest, we would like to hear from you.  Please email jwilliams@wbs.eu.com by Monday 19 June to discuss further.