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Wednesday, 5 August 2020 - 9:45am

West Bridgford shoe retailer reopens with special sanitiser unit for footwear


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West Bridgford’s only independent shoe retailer has hit upon a novel way of allowing customers to continue trying shoes on whilst still complying with new post-lockdown guidelines.

Instep Podiatry & Footwear on Melton Road re-opened its Podiatry practice some weeks ago, but its shoe retailing arm has had to wait until the 15th June before being able to restart sales of its popular ladies footwear range.

With other show retailers offering to put aside shoes that had been tried but not purchased for 72 hours, the question of how to manage that with the limited stock carried in her store has been a worry for Instep’s owner, Claire Dul. 

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Claire said: “We want Instep to provide a safe shoe shop experience to our many customers, but we didn’t want to limit the possibility for customers to try shoes on which is such an important part of choosing the right shoe.”

After a great deal of research, Claire came across the ideal solution, adding: “We’ve invested in a Klenz sanitisation unit that uses a combination of ozone gas and UV light to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs in as little as 180 minutes” Claire continued, “We’ll still ask customers to sanitise their hands and wear disposable pop socks but having the Klenz unit will ensure that any shoes that are tried but not bought can be treated and safely back on the shelf the same day.” 

Opening hours will be Monday to Friday 10 am – 5 pm.

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