Monday 24 January 2022
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West Bridgford vet couple to run half-marathon dressed as giant guide dogs!

West Bridgford veterinary surgeon Nat Scroggie and her partner Tom Allen will be running The Vitality Big Half Marathon in London next weekend, dressed as giant Guide Dogs!

This is part of Nat’s ongoing fundraising efforts for the Guide Dog Association, for whom she has already raised over £3,000 in the last eighteen months.

She completed the Yorkshire marathon last year, and is training hard for the London Marathon in April, although she doesn’t think she will do the full marathon in the dog costume – unless someone makes a very big donation!

Jumping Dogs

Tom and Nat tried out their suits for the first time in a dress-rehearsal at Rushcliffe parkrun on Saturday, amidst amazing support and encouragement from the other parkrunners and volunteers.

Starting Positions

Nat says “As a vet, I’ve seen first-hand the incredible work the Guide Dogs Association do, and the impact it has on their client’s lives. Once I found out that they receive no government funding at all I knew that I wanted to help.”

At the start

The suits are completely covered in fur and sport a particularly large head, making them very hot to run in, so 13.1 miles is going to be an epic challenge. What’s harder, running a full marathon in running kit, or a half marathon dressed as a giant dog? You’ll have to ask Nat at the end of April! 

If you would like to sponsor Tom and Nat, or find out more, you can check out their fundraising page at: