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West Bridgford
Saturday, 8 May 2021

West Bridgford young people take Duke of Edinburgh Awards bronze final expedition on the day of the funeral

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It seems quite poignant that today, as we celebrate the life of Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), two groups of young people from West Bridgford will be embarking on their Bronze DofE final expedition.

They undertook their practice expedition last September but their final expedition in January was postponed due to lockdown.

One of the participants, Kieran Henthorn-Lee said: “It’s an honour to represent the Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy by undertaking my Bronze final expedition on the day of his funeral.”

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Grace Howes; Freya Turner; Olivia Mott; Erin Brown

This has obviously been a challenging year for Duke of Edinburgh participants due to ongoing Covid restrictions.

The fact that these young people are so close to completing all sections of their Bronze Award is testament to the continued support, encouragement and training provided (often virtually) by their DoE Leaders Mark Greenhalgh and David Waterfield – as well as the flexibility shown by participants to revise their skills, physical and volunteering objectives where appropriate to accommodate restrictions on daily life.

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Mark Greenhalgh (Radcliffe Methodist Youth Group Centre Co-ordinator and DofE Leader) said: “It’s so noticeable that the DofE training has helped develop these young people – they have gained so much confidence and are different people from when they started. They should feel a real sense of achievement at the end of their final expedition weekend.”

There will also be a real sense of nostalgia for two of the Mums – Lucy Howes and Katie Turner took part in their Duke of Edinburgh Award together almost 30 years ago and have remained best friends ever since. Their daughters Grace and Freya are also best friends and commented “It’s fun to be following in our Mums’ footsteps!”

Launched in 1956 and described by the Duke as “a ‘do-it-yourself’ growing up kit”, his legacy Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme will today inspire yet another generation of young people to challenge themselves whilst developing life skills, friendships and memories.