West Bridgford’s Jayline to close down after over 30 years’ trading

Jayline in Tudor Square, West Bridgford is to close down for good in mid to late March 2017. Elaine Ward, the owner of the hardware and garden store told us why she has had to arrive at this difficult decision. 

Elaine has owned the shop for five years, but the Jayline hardware shop has existed at the same location for more than 30 years.

Elaine said, ‘The lease expires in March, and it’s too expensive to renew it, it just doesn’t make business sense.’

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She added that since the Brexit vote most of her suppliers have increased wholesale prices by at least 15%.

The ‘Closing Down’ signage will be on the shop front later today (Monday 13 February)

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Elaine said ‘I would like to thank all of our customers from over the years for their support, many of them regular ones that go into the shop all the time. It’s a sad time for us but we have no choice.’

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  1. I have shopped there for several years and unfortunately over the last few years I have noticed a decline in the products on offer so i’m sad to see that Brexit has been held responsible for the closure. The comment that the lease has risen considerably is more near the truth. Unfortunately greedy landlords seem more of a probability.
    It’s sad to see yet another longstanding West Bridgford has had to close. I wonder which coffee shop will be the first to follow.

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