West Bridgford’s Kiran Rai Hosts India Fashion Week

West Bridgford artist, broadcaster and model Kiran Rai will be hosting India Fashion Week in London with Big Brother reality star Chelsea Singh tomorrow (Oct 15).

Celebrity Big Brother reality star Chelsea Singh and Kiran Rai will be teaming up this weekend at the India Fashion Week to present with the ICONIC London film production company and give exclusive interviews to all the models back stage across the carpet and ramp.

Kiran Rai was born in West Bridgford  but has moved all around the UK in his lifetime. He said:

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“I am so pleased to work alongside production company ICONIC and Chelsea Singh. He’s a great guy and makes me feel great working with someone so talented.”

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The event will be taking place at the Excell Centre in London from Saturday and Sunday and tickets are £10.

There will be back stage interviews while Kiran and Chelsea roam around the venue and interview the founders, directors and of course the models. Chelsea Singh appeared on Big Brother and is a self made millionaire and entrepreneur.


Kiran went to Rushcliffe School in West Bridgford. He decided to move to London at the age of 16 and has been progressing into his career from there.