Monday 25 October 2021
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West Bridgford’s Lucy Worsley back next month for Notts Wildlife event

After more than a year of postponements and delays Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is delighted to finally be welcoming back Nottingham’s Lucy Worsley for an enlightening ‘Evening with…’

After a stressful and disrupted year which saw many fundraising activities put on hold and all events cancelled or postponed the county’s leading wildlife charity is delighted to have its popular series of celebrity lectures back up and running.

Last week the charity welcomed old friend Chris Packham for a sell-out evening at Nottingham’s Albert Hall and next month will see the return of leading historian Lucy Worsley.

Lucy, who grew up in West Bridgford where she spent many Saturdays studying at the library before going on to study history – including a PhD thesis that featured Nottingham Castle, will return to delight audiences with an evening focused on Jane Austen. 

The celebrity events generate vital funds for the charity’s efforts to protect wildlife habitats and to creating nature recovery networks and during the event on Friday October 15th Lucy will bring Jane Austen to life, exploring the intelligent, powerful, contradictory, loving and loved woman.

Speaking about the event, Head of Communications Erin McDaid said: “These events have proved extremely popular and many supporters were left hugely disappointed when we had to postpone the earlier dates but everyone understood why. We are really delighted to be able to welcome Lucy back to Nottingham and can’t wait to hear her take on Jane Austen – its set to be a real treat.” 

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Tickets are available from the Trust’s website along with the next in the series of Celebrity Lectures after Lucy Worsley with Iolo Williams and Martin Hughes-Games on Thursday 18th November.