West Bridgford’s stumpy saved from the axe by gnome family

You may remember stumpy? West Bridgford’s smallest Christmas Tree…as the season draws to a close stumpy’s end became ever more certain – that is until a family of gnomes converted it into a family home.

We caught up with the family this evening at their new West Bridgford home.

Amazon (it’s where he was born) was gardening at the front of the property when we arrived, pruning the miniature heather outside by the red door.

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He said, ‘It was an easy decision but tough financially. We’d always wanted to live in West Bridgford because of the schools, and dreamed of being gnome owners, we considered Gnottingham – but also knew that property prices were holding up in the West Bridgford  area since Brexit, a conversion and re-sale was on our minds to be honest.’

The rear of the property has just one window upstairs for security reasons

Amazon continued, ‘The issue was that a family of trolls from under Lady Bay Bridge put in a bid, it’s damp there in winter – as did the Sharphill Fairies; they’ve been planning to move since all the road works started.’ Luckily we scraped enough together for a six month tenancy, but make gnome mistake –  the place needed work doing.’

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Amazon tends to the heather

‘We knocked it through and sorted out the top floor, and added lighting.’ ‘It’s cost us thousands of hours of work and a lot of money, but gnome man is an island and we really needed a family place to settle.’

Amazon has a wife Gnorma and two children, Gnigel 2, and Jean 4.

There was activity upstairs at the property and the lights were on, but when we asked,  they didn’t feel comfortable coming down for an interview. Gnorma, a fan of 007 was halfway through watching a re-run of Dr. Gno.

‘The wife and kids love it’, said Amazon. ‘We’ve booked them in to schools already and they love playing under the leaves in the copse at Bridgford Park.’

Plans for the future? Well Amazon says they’re happy for now and will decide on the next move if the tree is required next Christmas.

For interest – The Trolls have found a lovely place at the entrance to The Green Line on Melton Road, and the Sharphill Fairies are as happy as they ever are, after a move to the Willow Tunnel – also in Bridgford Park.

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We’ve contacted Gnotts County Council for comment on the future of the home, but they said they can’t – until they have something gnoteworthy to say.

A spokesman for Rushcliffe Borough Council said, ‘They will have to pay council tax like anyone, the property is in Band Gn and we’re happy to collect waste fortnightly as we do any similar property. We are delighted that the new home has been tastefully converted and in sympathy with other trees in the area.’ There is a minor outstanding dispute over the roof tiling, a family on Gnewstead Drive nearby feel it isn’t in keeping with the area – but we’re talking with Amazon and are working toward a solution, we certainly won’t leave him in gnome man’s land.’

The house has been gnominated for various interior design awards.

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