Sunday 21 July 2024
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Wheelchair user rolls in front of an oncoming tram in Beeston

A wheelchair user was left with head injuries after they accidentally rolled into the path of an oncoming Nottingham tram.

It happened on November 30 in Beeston, near Nottingham, and has only now been revealed following a report of the incident.

An investigation found the person pushing the wheelchair hadn’t applied the brake properly when they turned to close a gate.

The report that the collision was “unavoidable” despite the tram driver braking as quickly as possible.

The wheelchair user suffered head injuries, and was taken to hospital for treatment.

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The road and tram line were closed for around seven hours until the person’s condition stabilised.

The report was discussed at a meeting of tram operator NET’s network advisory committee on Tuesday (March 12). The meeting was told the driver did everything he could.

Jo Bentley, head of customer experience at Nottingham Trams Ltd, said: “The tram driver responded incredibly quickly with his brakes, but the collision was unavoidable.”

He has been provided with support following the accident.

The meeting was also told anti-social behaviour still remains a problem, with Bulwell and Highbury Vale named as hotspots for criminal damage to trams and stops.

A “zero tolerance” campaign against fare evasion and abuse to tram staff has  proved more successful.

Ms Bentley said: “It’s very motivational for the staff on trams who have the hardest jobs.

“The campaign will continue into this year, and we hope that the continual presence of police will get the message will get out.”

The meeting also heard that the tram network – which marked its 20th birthday last week – dealt well with “very challenging weather” over the winter.

This included flooding, snow, high winds and freezing temperatures.

Between November 2023 and January 2024, the service was on time just under 94 per cent of the time.

The line was closed at Wilford Lane for four days as a result of heavy rainfall during Storm Henk.

Following extremely low temperatures of -10C one night in January, most of NET’s trams were temporarily out of action, although normal service was restored by midday.

NET Tram reliability at 94% over three months but mostly uncontrollable events

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