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Where are the speed cameras in Nottinghamshire? List of all locations for mobile, red light and fixed devices

Speed cameras in Nottinghamshire – Details of where mobile camera teams will be enforcing on Casualty Reduction sites in the next few weeks are below.

Speed camera locations in Nottinghamshire

Updated 23 July 2022.

In addition, Nottinghamshire Police say that mobile teams will be in use and enforcing speed complaint / concern sites across the City and County.

These sites will not be signed as they are not core casualty sites.

Due to the ad-hoc nature of these sites it is impossible to publish this activity in advance.

Speed enforcement can take place at any time on any road by a uniformed Police officer.

Drivers/riders should comply
to all speed limits at all times.


A38 Sutton – 50mph
A38 Sutton Road, Mansfield – 30mph
A453 Queens Drive, Nottingham – 40mph
A52 Bingham – National speed limit
A52 Radcliffe Road / Holme Pierrepont – National speed limit
A52 Radcliffe-on-Trent – National speed limit
A60 Cuckney to Warsop – 50mph
A60 London Road, Nottingham – 30mph
A60 Mansfield Road, Carrington, Nottingham – 30mph
A60 Mansfield Road, Daybrook, Nottingham – 30mph
A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield – 30mph
A60 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield – 30mph
A6005 Bypass Road, Chilwell – 40mph
A6005 Nottingham Road, Swiney Way, Chilwell – 30mph
A6005 University Boulevard, Nottingham – 40mph
A6075 Lincoln Road, Tuxford – 30mph
A6097 Oxton – Epperstone Bypass – 50mph
A610 Nuthall Road, Nottingham – 30mph
A611 Derby Road, Annesley – 30mph
A612 Colwick Loop Road – 30mph
A614 Nottinghamshire – 50mph
A620 Nottinghamshire – 50mph
A631 Beckingham Bypass – 50mph
A631 Mill Hill / Gringley on the Hill – 50mph
A631 Scaftworth – 50mph
A638 Retford, Nottinghamshire – 50mph
A6464 Woodside Road, Beeston – 30mph
A6514 Ring Road, Nottingham – 40mph
B600 Main Road, Watnall – 30mph
B600 Selston – 30mph
B6004 Arnold Road, Nottingham – 30mph
B6004 Broxtowe Lane, Nottingham – 30mph
B6004 Oxclose Lane, Arnold – 30mph
B6008 Bells Lane – 30mph
B690 Aspley Lane – 30mph
Awsworth lane, Cossall – 30mph
Bath Lane, Mansfield – 30mph
Church Street / Calverton Road, Arnold – 30mph
Coppice Road, Arnold, Nottingham – 30mph
Edwards Lane, Nottingham – 30mph
Fosse Road, Farndon – 40mph
London Road, Newark – 30mph
M1 Motorway between Junctions 25 to 28 – Variable speed limit
Quaker Way, Mansfield – 30mph
Southchurch Drive / Farnborough Road, Clifton – 30mph
Watnall Road, Hucknall – 30mph
Westdale Lane, Carlton – 30mph
Winchester Street – 30mph
Wollaton Road Beeston – 30mph

All core casualty locations where our mobile speed cameras are deployed in Nottinghamshire, including road speeds.

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A17 Coddington – 40mph
A453 Clifton Lane – 40mph
A52 Clifton Boulevard – 40mph
A60 Carlton Road Worksop – 30mph
A60 Doncaster Road, Carlton in Lindrick – 30mph
A60 Leeming Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse – 30mph
A60 Mansfield Road, Huntingdon Street, Nottingham – 30mph
A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield – 30mph
A60 Nottingham Road, Mansfield Road, Ravenshead – 40mph
A6002 Bilborough Road, Nottingham – 40mph
A6005 Castle Boulevard / Abbey Bridge – 30mph
A6008 Canal Street, Nottingham – 30mph
A608 Church Lane, Brinsley – 30mph
A609 Ilkeston Road / Nottingham Road, Trowell – 30mph
A609 Ilkeston Road / Wollaton Road / Russell Drive / Trowell Road, Nottingham – 30mph
A610 Bobbers Mill, Nottingham – 30mph
A611 Hucknall Road, Nottingham – 30mph
A6117 Old Mill Lane, Mansfield – 30/40mph
A612 Church Road Burton Joyce – 30mph
A612 Main Road, Upton – 30mph
A616 Ollerton Road, Caunton – 60mph
A616 Ompton – 40mph
A617 Kirklington – 30mph
A6191 Southwell Road, Mansfield – 30/40mph
A6200 Derby Road, Nottingham – 30mph
A6211 Arnold lane Gedling – 30mph
A631 Flood Plains Road, East of Beckingham – 50mph
A6514 Valley Road, Sherwood – 40mph
B600 Nottingham Road, Nuthall – 30mph
B6004 Strelley Road / Broxtowe Lane / Stockhill Lane,Nottingham – 30mph
B6018 Church Hill Kirkby in Ashfield – 30mph
B6018 Sutton Road, Kirkby in Ashfield – 30mph
B6023 Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield – 30mph
B6028 Stoneyford Road Skegby – 30mph
B6030 Forest Road, Mansfield – 30mph
B6030 Clipstone Road West / Sherwood Hall Road, Mansfield – 30mph
B6040 Retford Road, Worksop – 40mph
B6041 Kilton Hill, Worksop – 30mph
B6041 Raymoth Lane, Thievesdale Lane and Farmers Branch – 30mph
B682 Sherwood Rise, Nottingham to Hucknall lane Bulwell – 30mph
B686 Carlton Hill, Carlton – 30mph
Beechdale Road / Hollington Road / Wigman Road, Nottingham – 30mph
Bestwood Park Drive, Nottingham – 30mph
Clifton Road Ruddington – 30mph
Coppice Road, Arnold – 30mph
Eakring Road, Mansfield, Notts – 30mph
Glaisedale Drive, Bilborough, Nottingham – 30mph
Kirkby Road Sutton In Ashfield – 30mph
Lenton Boulevard and Radford Boulevard, Nottingham – 30mph
New Mill Lane / Sandlands Way, Mansfield – 30/40mph
Nottingham Road / Leake Road, Gotham – 30mph
Nottingham Road / Portland Road / Annesley Road, Hucknall – 30mph
Shelford Road, Radcliffe on Trent – 30mph
Spital Hill, Retford – 30mph
Spring Lane, Mapperley – 40mph

Locations of red light cameras in Nottinghamshire

A38 Kingsmill Road East – Kirkby Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, E bound
A52 Derby Road – Wollaton Road, Beeston, W bound
A52 Grantham Road – Cropwell Road, Radcliffe on Trent, W bound
A60 Huntingdon Street – Woodborough Road, Nottingham, SE bound
A60 Loughborough Road – Kirk Lane, Ruddington, N bound
A60 Loughborough Road – Radcliffe Road, West Bridgford, S bound
A60 Mansfield Road – Ribblesdale Road, Arnold, N bound
A60 Nottingham Road – Atkin Lane, Mansfield, N bound
A6005 Nottingham Road / Swiney Way, Chilwell
A6005 Queens Road – Station Road, Beeston, W bound
A6008 Lower Parliament Street – Southwell Road, Nottingham, S bound
A6009 St Peters Way / St Johns Street, Mansfield
A6011 Radcliffe Road / Regatta Way, West Bridgford,E bound
A609 Ilkeston Road – Radford Boulevard, Nottingham, W bound
A610 Alfreton Road – Hartley Road, Nottingham, W bound
A610 Nuthall Island, junction with A610, Nottingham, SW bound
A610 Nuthall Island, (outbound), Nottingham, W bound
A610 Nuthall Island, (inbound), Nottingham, E bound
A610 Nuthall Road – Stockhill Lane, Nottingham, E bound
A611 Coxmoor Crossroads, Kirkby in Ashfield, N bound
A611 Hucknall Road – Haydn Road, Sherwood, Nottingham N bound
A612 Colwick Loop Road – Private Road No 1, Colwick, SW bound
A612 Daleside Road / Vale Road, Colwick
A6130 Radford Boulevard – Hartley Road, Nottingham, W bound
A6191 Chesterfield Rd / Debdale Lane, Mansfield E bound
A6514 Valley Road – Nottingham Road (Ring Road) Nottingham, S bound
A6514 Valley Road – Vernon Road (Ring Road) Nottingham, N bound
A6514 Western Boulevard – A610 Nuthall Road (Ring Road) Nottingham, W bound
B686 Carlton Road – Cardale Road – Porchester Road, Nottingham, SW bound
Bentinck Road – Radford Road, Nottingham, NE bound
Leeming Lane / Old Mill Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse W bound