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Wild Words reach the streets of Nottingham city centre as part of a striking creative campaign


People living, working and visiting Nottingham recently will have seen a unique set of posters designed by local teenagers and young people to promote the importance of protecting wildlife and greenspaces in the city and to highlight a range of key environmental issues. 

The Nottingham for Nature campaign was created by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, the county’s leading locally based conservation charity, to provide young people with a platform to air their concerns about the environment and to influence decision makers such as local politicians.

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The charity believes that young people’s voice on environmental issues needs to be heard and feels strongly that the power of youth engagement can strengthen its campaigning. Over the past six months the Wildlife Trust has been working with young people through schools and groups to develop a powerful and emotive campaign for the City called Nottingham for Nature.

The 1st phase of the campaign, developed through its Keeping it Wild youth team, is a suite of striking posters which have been designed with input from young people and feature a range of compound words that illustrate a number of environmental issues such as loss of greenspace and air pollution. For example URBITATS, a combination of Urban and Habitats or OPPORTUNITREES – Opportunities and Trees.

The posters are currently featured in 12 prominent street level poster frames across the city in locations such as Long Row, Clumber Street and Forman Street and also on two large format billboards at the junction of St Ann’s Well Road and Batch Street, close to the charity’s offices.

The Nottingham for Nature campaign has been developed through a series of creative sessions incorporating street art, creative writing and poetry.

Speaking about the campaign, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Head of Communications Erin McDaid said: “This is a really ambitious campaign for us. All areas of public policy impact on young people but the decisions being made today about our shared environment will impact on young people throughout their entire lives, so we believe young people should be listened to. They are passionate about the environment and given an opportunity can be powerful advocates for us all.”

Nottingham for Nature provides a platform for young people in Nottingham to express their concerns about environmental issues and share ideas about solutions. A high quality environment is vital for everyone’s health and well-being and young people have the most to lose if our shared environment continues to be degraded. The Wildlife Trust hopes that the Nottingham for Nature campaign makes people take notice and for political leaders to take action to improve our city for both people and wildlife.




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