Wilford Claypit Nature Reserve

This 4.3 hectare site, a disused claypit, has a variety of habitats including marshland, pools, calcareous grassland and areas of scrub and woodland. The reserve is now owned by Rushcliffe Borough Council, having previously been used by the Wilford Brick Company (1895 – 1967) for the excavation of brick-making clay. The marshland area has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

About the Reserve

The reserve owes its existence to more than half a century of clay extraction. Geological strata of red, green and grey marl as well as deposits of shale, skerry and gypsum are visible on the slopes and low cliffs formed during excavation. Waterlogged clays ensure that the marsh is maintained by lime-rich springs, which feed the unpolluted pools and streams.

Dry grassland areas support interesting plant species such as bee orchid, fairy flax, rough hawkbit, yellow-wort, yellow rattle and the diminutive fern-grass. Damper grassland and marsh areas hold large populations of southern marsh-orchid, as well as yellow sedge, false fox-sedge, common fleabane, and field horsetail. Some of the wetter areas have developed into scrub and woodland, with species such as goat willow, sallow and alder. Open water and its margins support further plants, including bulrush, common spike-rush, grey club-rush, purple loosestrife, fennel pondweed and water plantain. Amongst the many species of invertebrate occurring on the site, there is a healthy population of dragonflies and damselflies, including the impressive blue and green emperor dragonfly.


Conservation Management

This includes control of encroaching scrub and woodland in order to maintain a diverse mixture of open habitats, in both the dry and wet areas. Control of vandalism and illegal tipping of rubbish is also necessary.

How to Get There

Entrance is via Compton Acres, West Bridgford (SK571355, NG2 7NZ) and Landmere Lane (SK569534, NG15 9AH)

Further Information

If you would like further details about the reserve, or if you are interested in getting involved in the management of the site, please call the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Office on 0115 958 8242

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Wilford Claypit Reserve Map