Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Wollaton Park: Foraging banned to protect deer’s feeding space

Wollaton Park has announced a ban on foraging because of the impact on the park’s ecosystem and the affect on deer during the rutting season.

A spokesperson for Wollaton Hall and Deer Park said on Sunday 15 October:

‘Due to an increase in excessive foraging within the park, foraging is no longer allowed.

‘Seeds such as chestnuts are a vital food source for deer during the rutting season and going into the winter.

‘Fungi are a vital asset to the park’s ecosystem, playing a key role in decomposing, recycling of nutrients and providing food to other natural organisms.

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‘We appreciate foraging is a great outdoor activity, but an increase in foraging within the deer’s feeding space has become intolerable.

‘Damage to tree branches of mature trees due to people trying to knock off chestnuts has also contributed to this decision.

‘Rules will be added to the website in due course. Our rangers and volunteers will be educating the public on this matter in the coming weeks and months.’

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