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Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Woman jailed for stalking after demanding money from victim

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A woman bombarded a man with continuous phone calls, text messages and threatened him with a demand for money has been jailed for stalking.

The 33-year-old  met the man online through a dating website in September 2017 and their relationship started to blossom quickly, however it soon broke down as she began to constantly ask for money.  The victim tried to end the relationship countless times and changed his phone number, however she managed to get hold of him again and continued to threaten him.

The woman used Facebook, KIK and WhatsApp to contact him and ask him for money, stating if he didn’t pay her £600 she would call the man a paedophile on social media, which would have affected his employment and any future job prospects. He refused and she posted a message on Facebook on the man’s employers page.

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The victim called the police and she was arrested in February 2019.

Stacy Clemence, 33, of Carlton in Lindrick pleaded guilty to stalking and malicious communications and was sentenced to two years at Nottingham Crown Court.

Police Constable Jenna Sorensen led the investigation. She said: “These kind of harassment offences can have a very considerable impact on people’s lives.

“The messages and calls caused the victim serious alarm and distress. The contact made by Clemence was unwanted and it caused a lot of anxiety for the victim. It caused adverse effects on his usual day-to-day activities and had a huge impact on his life and mental health.

“These type of offences cause a significant amount of fear and distress and we simply won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour in Nottinghamshire.

“We take these incidents extremely seriously and encourage anyone who might be experiencing this to contact the police immediately.”