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West Bridgford
Sunday, 24 January 2021

Woman sentenced for West Bridgford shop fraud

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A woman who fraudulently used a Visa card twice in a West Bridgford shop has been given a six-week prison sentence, suspended for a year.
Mioara Olaru, 55, of Lamcote Grove, Nottingham used it to buy £23 worth of cigarettes at the Radcliffe Convenience Store on Radcliffe Road on July 20. She returned soon after to get alcohol valued at £29.

But Nottingham magistrates heard that she was traced after trying to get food and water from a shop on the Lady Bay Retail Park.

The card’s loss had been reported to the bank and by that time, it had been cancelled, said Eunice Opare-Addo, prosecuting.

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When questioned by police, Olaru said she had found the wallet in West Bridgford and made transactions with the card.

She admitted two counts of fraudulent use of a Visa card and must pay compensation to the convenience store for the two purchases.

Helen Nicholson, mitigating, told the court that Olaru cares for her sick husband and the family had no income at the time. She is now receiving benefits, the magistrates were told.