Thursday 22 February 2024
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Woman ‘trying car doors’ arrested after public raise alarm

A suspected thief was caught by police with a chip-and-pin machine when residents noticed her trying multiple car door handles in their area.

Officers were called to Cumberland Drive in Mansfield after reports from the public of a suspicious woman lurking around parked vehicles.

The incident happened at 1:44 am on Thursday 10 August.

Police found a woman matching the description in Somersall Road walking towards the town centre.

She was stop searched where a chip and pin machine was found in her possession. It was later discovered that this had been stolen from a work van.

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She was also in possession of a slingshot. She was arrested for theft from a vehicle and possessing an offensive weapon.

Neighbourhood Inspector Kylie Davies said: “Thanks to members of the public spotting a suspicious woman in their area we deployed officers immediately and arrested her nearby.

“This has prevented further vehicles from being targeted. This chip and pin machine would have played a vital role in this man’s business.

“It would have been detrimental to his business had he awakened the following day and found it was no longer there.

“Luckily, we returned it to him before he even had a chance to notice it had gone missing.”

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