Women from the Midlands ‘most confident about their body shape’ Ann Summers survey reveals

Ann Summers conducted a nationwide survey to find out how women perceive their body shape and who is the most (and least) confident about their curves.

To celebrate the launch of the #SizeSexy lingerie collection, leading lingerie and erotic retailer asked 2,500 women from around the UK & Ireland to reveal their vital stats, how they feel about their body shape and which celebrity body they most aspire to.

The survey discovered that the average dress size in the UK is a size 14 and the most common back and cup size is 34DD.

When asked to describe their individual body shape, 38% felt their shape fell under the ‘Hourglass’ silhouette, 25% ‘Pear’, 21% ‘Spoon’, 16% ‘Apple’.

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Despite over a third (38%) claiming that they were ‘happy’ with their body shape, when asked to describe their body in one word, and the most common phrases used were ‘Wobbly’, ‘Curvy’, ‘Frumpy’, ‘Womanly’ and ‘Chunky’.


Women from London (68%) are the most confident and happy about their body shape, closely followed by Scotland (60%), Yorkshire (50%) and Ireland (45%).

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Women from SW England (20%), SW England (22%) East England (25%) and Wales (30%) are the unhappiest about their shape.

When asked what their favourite asset was, 45% claimed they were most happy with their boobs, 20% said their bum, 15% claimed they liked their waist the most, 10% said legs and the remaining 10% stated their eyes were their favourite part of their body.

A whopping 68% said their least favourite part of their body is their stomach, 24% hips and 8% arms.

The nationwide also discovered that body confidence issues affect 35% of women’s sex lives, with a third claiming they have shunned sex with their partner because they felt too self-conscious about their body. A further 25% said they didn’t feel confident being completely naked in front of their partner.

Outside of the bedroom, 56% of women surveyed claimed their body hang-ups has stopped them doing something in life, like wearing a bikini on a beach, going to a spa and meeting new people.

When asked which celebrity body they aspire to, Kelly Brook came out on top (40%), followed by Jennifer Lopez (20%), Kylie Jenner (15%), Vicky Pattison (15%) and Beyonce (10%).

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The below results are based on the 2,500 responses and have been broken down by region to calculate an average number and % according to location.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-12-58-06



The average dress/bra size in the UK is size 14 & 34DD

38% of women in the UK describe themselves as ‘Hourglass’, 25% – ‘Pear’, 21% – ‘Spoon’, 16% – ‘Apple’

38% said they were happy with their body shape

Celebrity ‘body goal’ aspirations include Kelly Brook, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, Vicky Pattison and Beyonce

35% don’t feel confident being naked in front of their partner

40% said body confidence issues have affected their sex life at some in their lives

Women from Scotland, Yorkshire, East Midlands & London most confident with their body

Women from SE & SW England and Wales are least confident about their body

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