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Pictures: Amazon the gnome left distraught after ‘Prime location’ West Bridgford home destroyed by Amazon delivery driver

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Amazon set up home in West Bridgford with his family at Christmas 2016.

The incident occurred late last week when an Amazon Prime delivery driver was attempting the manoeuvre in Cambridge Road in West Bridgford.

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Amazon the Gnome’s home was a little too low down to be seen and the van crashed into it taking the entire structure to the ground.

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The gnome, named Amazon because that’s where owner Geraldine Ellis purchased him has been a staple attraction in the town for almost five years.

Amazon said: ‘We’ve been lucky so far, after investing here in 2016 and starting a family, we thought we were living a charmed life, but hey ho, hey ho it’s off to…sorry, I meant to say we need to take stock and think about what to do next.’ It’s a shock, things like this don’t happen around here.’

Amazon the gnome
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The scene of devastation

Amazon ( the online retail giant ) have been contacted and said:

‘We will do everything we can to try to get Amazon’s home back to good condition.’

At the very least we’ll pay for the area to be made safe.’

As the interview ended Amazon lamented: ‘We love it here and don’t want to move, we’ve battled the fairies in Bridgford Park recently who squatted there during lockdown, the trolls under Lady Bay Bridge come over here trying to cause issues most months, and worst of all, the Gordon Road Goblins have taken Burleigh Road and are on an ever-encroaching path to our front door! But we’ll keep going, keep positive and wear-face coverings to stay safe.’

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Fairies moved into the park during lockdown

Trees are the responsibility of Gnottinghamshire County Council who kindly allowed the stump to remain and be decorated by the Ellis’s – it’s unclear what the future holds now.

A spokesperson for Gnottinghamshire Police said:

‘We were called to a report of a gnome’s house being involved in a collision with a van. PC Plod was dispatched to the scene and surveyed the damage. Investigations continue and we’ll take action if necessary against the driver.


‘We are also aware of the Gordon Road Goblins ASB and can assure Amazon that they won’t be a problem for much longer.’

It remains to be seen if the family can remain here and rebuild, or move further afield, Gnewark is one location thought to be under consideration.

No one was injured in the incident.

Amazon ( the gnome ) has joined in community celebrations for dozens of national issues and events over the years.  Here are a few below:

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